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Yangzi Severnaya Ankhoys pool. Theatre of China in Ankhoye

Yangzi Severnaya Ankhoys pool. Theatre of China in Ankhoye

Located in 100 km to the North from Hefei ШОУСЯНЬ, passed the regional capital in 241 g to N э, in Battling kingdoms, at present shows the small town surrounded with dams in extent 6 km and erected during an era of Mines fortifications are higher. Minibuses from Hefei land passengers (including and the tourists who have bought the cheapest rounds to China) about not so not operating road service station approximately in 700 m to the South from walls. The road from it lasts to the city through the Southern gate in the form of a threefold arch. To despondency the equal main is expensive Shousyanya on whom you continue the way, embodies itself the main principles of town planning at Sunakh – straightforwardness and a regularity.
The Chinese sights which can be beheld in Shousyan – old theatre of China on east axis and the dilapidated monastery of Baoen which has hidden in southwest quarter. But, to tell the truth, here it is simple to wander on tiny lanes where personal houses in China with old window frames and a bronze decor on doors are built even more pleasantly. Шоусянь it is nice also that there lived филосовремен dynasties Han Liu An to whom the legend attributes the invention of bean cottage cheese. In his honour in the city every year in September the Tofu holiday is arranged.
On the main Shousyanya Street there are some cheap hotels (CNY 70). However, from time to time foreigners visiting here involve a lot of attention that is better to visit the city in transit. Further Hefei it is possible to reach settlements on the share taxis (CNY 4) going from the area before road service station, located in 20 km to the East from the coal-mining centre of Huainan.

Rest in China from Irkutsk – a real holiday with east colour.

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