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Yangzi Hefeys pool. The Chinese garden and the Chinese park in Hefei

Yangzi Hefeys pool. The Chinese garden and the Chinese park in Hefei

To walk on the centre of Hefei
Banded by park zones and channels – the remains of ditches of an era of Mines – the kernel of Hefei more resembles a residential suburb, than on the central part of the provincial capital. Exposition of the Museum of the province (W. – вс; 08. 30-17. 00; CNY 10), located on Menchenla (Mengcheng Lu), acquaints guests with a contribution Anhui in the Chinese culture. Having passed the plastered cave, guests of a museum appear before a plaster figure of Homo егесtus cranium from Taodyanya in the south of the province which has proudly taken place in a big glass show-window. Not so old story of China is presented by relics of the Stone Age and a unique bronze ballot box of the Shansky era decorated by motives with species of a tiger and a dragon. Interest is caused also by carved stone blocks from era mausoleums Han – the guests knowing Chinese, can decipher comments about Cao’s clan (Troyetsarstvy’s period), their tombs of Bochzhou traced on bricks starenky builders.
Chinese park of Baokhe and other sights of Hefei
Ultramodern trading passages on brisk foot east half to Huaykhela (Huaihai Lu) adjoin from Mintszyaosa (ежедн.; 08. 00-17. 30; CNY 10) – the restored temple complex of the XVI century, which wall, similar that fortresses have, and these walls frame moderate halls and a peach Chinese garden. The temple costs on that place where the lord of a northern kingdom Cao Cao taught own archers in the winter of 216-217. Before his military leader Cheung Liao has broken armies At in bloody battle at Syaoyaotszin and has sent to flight the lord At which has jumped astride a horse over a way blocking to it to retreat the channel – on this place the park (to the North from the temple) is at present broken. By then belongs and the well protected by glass in the main courtyard of the temple. It and on the truth looks the starenky – grown into the earth the stone ring stores century marks from ropes. Slightly to the west of Mintszyaosa there is Likhunchzhantszyu (ежедн.; 08. 30-17. 30; CNY 15) – one more main sight of China here – the era estate Cin, behind grey which brick walls are covered with taste the decorated internal court yard and the halls arranged with magnificent carved wood furniture.
In a southeast part of the city there is the Chinese park of Baokhe – a bright greenish strip of weeping willows and arch bridges slightly away from Ukhula (Wuhu Lu) on whom costs Baoguntsa (A memorial hall of governor Bao; CNY 20), glorifying the native of Hefei – Bao, the known managing director at the time of dynasty board Sung, Kaifeng which has become the governor. Bao’s ability to seek the truth in the confused court lawsuits and his impartiality became a subject of numerous oral legends. Quite often Bao will melt also the judge in pictures of the Chinese hell. Scenes from life of the lord represent gilt statues and wax compositions. Pay attention to Bao’s dark face, a "winged" cap and three knifes – in the form of a dragon, a tiger and a dog – which it has made for removal of sentences: the choice of the tool was defined by the status of the condemned.
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