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Yangzi Ankhoys pool. Build monuments of China and the main sight of China to Anhui

Yangzi Ankhoys pool. Build monuments of China and the main sight of China to Anhui

Build monuments of China in the Province of Anhui
Despite hopes of the authorities that once Anhui will reincarnate in a prospering corridor between the coast and internal regions, the province remains to the true reputation of the poorest assigned to it in China. Here remains of the old person, Homo erectus living millions years ago have been found, and copper save the Shansky era in the southern part Anhui have opened to China a way to a bronze age. Later the province has become famous for the art achievements, refinement and which originality visually show decorative tombs of an era Han, porcelain of an era of a dynasty Sung and build monuments of China eras of Minute.
And all this is contrary to an adverse geographical position. The droughty and erodirovanny plains of Northern China stretched up to the river Huai, occupy a third of the district of the province. Though warmer and humid climate of China lying to the south, allows to process there tea and tobacco, lush woody hills are replaced soon by folded mountains, inapplicable for cultivation. But the most part of fault for poverty of the province lies on Yangzi’s who is quite often flooding the central districts Anhui river which – there is no they be would give big crops. Until recently the dissociation of its lands caused by missing number of bridges through the river, dividing the mountain South and more occupied regions was discrepancy of the province also. Despite remarkable improvement of infrastructure from 1990th, also that develops жд transport of China, extend жд and the network car, Anhui continues to remain economically backward, as well as in days of old.
Local main sight of China in Yangzi’s river – a river dolphin
After all it is not necessary to be frightened, if the trip to China without the aid of others is necessary to you to this region or you plan here summer holiday in China according to the tour. Start up the capital of the province Hefei and in general all northern region the lands lying to the South from Yangzi are nice for only the history, strike imagination of travellers with mountain landscapes Huanshanya and Buddhist temples Tszyukhuashanya. A live embodiment of rich cultural tradition of the region are numerous monuments of old rural architecture in vicinities Tunsi which have perfectly remained. The great interest represents also the coastal reserve near Syuanchen where the Chinese alligator – one of representatives who have actually died out in the world of terrestrial fauna lives. Other local main sight of China – Yangzi’s river dolphin, but it, to chagrin, promptly dies out.
Without considering floods (limiting bus service in summer months), the main discrepancy for tourists when there passes them a trip to China on the province the property of names at local occupied пт which even the map of China can variously call turns around. The line Zhd connects Hefei (through Wuhu) to Nanjing – the main ankhoysky port. Separate branches last on the West in Changsha, on the North to Sian and Beijing and on the South from Tunsi to Jiangxi.

Rounds to China from Ukraine bring to travellers many pleasant minutes.

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