Station Ramses and vicinities. The main traffic intersection and a transport museum in Egypt | World travel, tourism and geography 

Station Ramses and vicinities. The main traffic intersection and a transport museum in Egypt

Station Ramses and vicinities. The main traffic intersection and a transport museum in Egypt

Transport museum in Egypt
The station area Ramses is northern knot of transport system of Cairo. A taxi in Egypt or though what other public transport here always to services of tourists. From platforms and the central streets infinite steams of cars here are flown down, haunting the square Milan Ramses minutes. The centre of all this is the station the Ramses reminding a shoe box in pseudo-Mauritian style to whom the post office and the Egyptian museum of the railways are attached. This museum in Egypt (Tuesday-Sunday with 8:00 till 14:00; 10 pounds; on Friday and holidays of 20 pounds, shooting of 10 pounds) it is located in east part of the station, models of steam cursors, stations, engineering constructions and even the old airplane, also pair of real steam locomotives and even a personal train хедива Ismail here are placed. The museum in particular will be interesting to those who chooses informative types of tourism in Egypt. In ancient times when the riverbed of Nile lay a little further to the East, on a place of Ramses Square there was Tenduniyas, the port of Heliopolis. Renamed by Arabs in Al-Max («A customs post»), it has been included by Salakh-ad-Din in system of strengthenings of Cairo. After Nile has receded to the West, Iron gate of a fortress have appeared located on a high dry place. In 1847 at station construction they have been taken down. The tourism centre in Egypt – the area has received the name from vytesanny of a red granite of the nine-metre Giant Ramses II which has been transported here from Memphis in 1955.
Buses in Egypt – popular public transport
By the end of the twentieth century the statue has been so spoilt under the influence of environment pollution that has been decided to clean it. Contrary to protests of local Egyptologists which longed to return it on a primary place, it is supposed to establish it on Piramid Avenue and road skreshcheniye to Alexandria about pyramids in Giza. Where you would not choose the best hotels of Egypt, to reach to them it is possible on comfortable transport. About the station Ramses is one of the main bus terminals of the city – Turgoman, also points of departure of share taxis on various routes in and out of Cairo and to a zone of the Suez Canal. Here it is possible to sit down also on minibuses to Alexandria and the Delta. To sit down on buses in Egypt, serving Big Cairo, you should cross the humpbacked iron bridge from North side of the station. Directly under the bridge the army market worked, which has been closed to deprive of fundamentalists of possibility to get a uniform and to operate under the pretext of army officers. On South country Medan Ramses on a terrace the rest of rather ordinary hotel of Egypt of Everest is in all round-the-clock cafe from which the fine view of the area reveals. To admire this look pleasantly in though what time, but Egypt at the end of June in particular is magnificent.

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