Shanghai. Transport which tourists in China

prefer to use Shanghai. Transport which tourists in China

Few tourists in China come to Shanghai by the bus, and those who prefers this means of transport should consider that long-distance buses land passengers usually on city suburbs. Some reach to road service station on Qiujiang Lu, near Baoshan Lu metro station. A number of personal buses arrive on the square near the station or at the road service station of Henfen standing through the road from Hanzhong Lu metro station located in the neighbourhood. But, in any case, for foreigners, vpervy coming to the city, it not so with comfort. That, how many costs a trip to China with visit of Shanghai, depends on excursion routes in the city, the prices and aspect of hotels.
From the Country of a rising sun, Korea and the Chinese cities located on the coast or on Yangzi, it is most convenient – well and it is more pleasant – to float to Shanghai on water. Ferries in China, plying according to Yangzi, and coastal a vessel, floating on routes Shanghai – Ningbo and Shanghai – Putoshan, are moored at the mooring to Shilyup from whom by bus No. 55 it is possible to reach to the northernmost tip the Gang. On the mooring to Gunpinla located to the northeast from the Gang, in 20 minutes of walking from it or several minutes of driving by the bus No. 135, come a vessel from Tsingtao and Fuzhou. From here it is possible to go to examine the Chinese sights. And vessels from the Country of a rising sun and South Korea moor at the International passenger mooring, approximately in 10 minutes to the East from Vaybayda Bridge.

Before travel to China from Kazan, Moscow, Cherepovets and other cities of the Russian Federation, not the superfluous will familiarise with customs, traditions and etiquette of China not to get to a ridiculous and ridiculous situation at communication with Chinese.

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