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Syanchen and exhibitions in China Guangzhou

Syanchen and exhibitions in China Guangzhou

Approximately in 80 kilometres to the southwest from Sanduya, behind abrupt mountain ranges, in the deepest plain directed on the South, to the mountains designating border with Yunnan, has settled down СЯНЧЭН which landscape form a kernel with little shops, the Tibetan estates and krasnokirpichny watchtowers. The capital of the region romantically nicknamed «State of the White Wolf» is no time, Syanchen at present shows the functional settlement with several streets and the atmosphere of a desolate boundary fort. Naturally, there are no such large-scale actions, as exhibitions China 2011 Guangzhou. But small monastery of the XVII century (Chaktreng Gomp; CNY 10; it is authorised to photograph), in 2 kilometres from Syanchen, it is so atypical for these edges that he surely should be visited. Standing at a portico and admiring bright landscapes, do not lose sight of the wood basic pillars decorated by carved images of hares, elephants, monkeys and tigers. The decor of the most three-storied temple – the frescos representing mandalas, aggressive demons with ordinary for Europeans a look, and sculptures of many-headed demons with a set of hands and feet and the naked canines, skipping in tantrichesky poses is unique also, are painted in picturesque blue and red tone. Among them the statue of sitting Tsongkhapy twisted gold filigranye and draped with gold silk scarfs has gloomy stiffened.
Exhibitions in China Guangzhou and Syanchen
Starenky, enclosed with walls, Syanchen’s road service station is covered with pebble. Behind it the small main street lasts. In 50 metres from road service station costs your Tibetan Guesthouse (there is a small sign in English berths in the general rooms – CNY 18). It is Syanchen’s main sight: the ordinary 3-storeyed Tibetan house is decorated by frescos, and its general bedroom reminds a temple interior (double numbers are, however, rather small). From a roof the beautiful types reminding exhibitions in China to Guangzhou open. The general shower and a toilet are on the street – not out of place to have at itself a small lamp. One more hotel – let and not so picturesque as your Tibetan Guesthouse – is to a meeting behind road service station gate. It is Coffee Tea Hotel (0836/8659888;) at which there is a good tea lodge and a bath. From Syanchen of once a day buses go to Litan, Daochen and Jung-dyan in Yunnan. Tickets for the bus to Litan, getting under way in a way in 14. 30, are on sale a day before departure. The buses making flight on a route of Daochen – Chzhundyan, do only a small stop in Syanchen, and in such bus you should agree about a place with the driver.

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