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Ibn Tulunas mosque and quarter of Sayid Zeynab Sayida Zeynab

In lanes to the West from ibn Tuluna’s mosque one more treasure of Islamic architecture – Kait-bey’s madrasah hides. Give to the watchman tip that it has unlocked to you a building, and do not pay attention to a dust and dirt: inlaid floors and a minbar of madrasah are the beautiful model of art of the XV century.
The real fans of old times can examine also and other monuments of this area which have been laboriously described in the guidebook of "Islamskiyemonumenta Kaira", published by the American institute in Cairo. It is possible to pass also further on the West, in densely populated quarter Sayid Zeynab where in an interlacing of houses and the markets incorporate Islamic and modern Cairo. To Medan Lazogli on the brink of a quarter Abdin is once a day the working market of spare parts, and the poultry market works under transition to Kasr al-Ayni hospital on Mondays and Thursdays (from here his name – Bitches It-nain-u-Hamibs).
As well as "Sayid Zeynab’s" metro station, the market is on the periphery of quarter where that borders with Garden City and Old Cairo. To the northeast from the region of a slaughter-house and Al-Abdin’s mosque, in the house No. 2 according to Shary Bayram el-Tonsi, the veterinary clinic Brook settles down. The based Dorothy Brook in 1934, hospital is engaged in free healing of donkeys and other pack animals, buys incurable individuals and sends them on a pasture. Egyptians consider idea of creation of such hospital unusual, but approve its activity: the flow of patients always moves down the street. In hospital are always glad постетилям (once a day 9. 00-16. 00, 02/364-9312).
Basic event in life of quarter is annual маулид Sayida Zeynab during whom passes parade of members of an award суфиев in the afternoon, and at night – the festivals collecting more than half a million people. Ecstatic devotion and happy excitement reign in this raging, generally consisting of young men, the weight chained to a place by music and shows. To behold зикров, snake charmers, magicians, sword-swallowers and dancing horses, you should force the way through through this crush from people and tents (do not take with itself anything valuable). Pyatnadtsatidnevnoye festival is arranged in the seventh month of a Muslim calendar, Ragab.
Focus of these festivals is Sayida Zeynab’s mosque (it is closed for not – Muslim) about Shary Bur Sayd. Zeynab, the granddaughter of the Prophet who was born in 628 g, ran in Fustat after Umeyada have killed her brother Hussein, and was lost soon. For the Egyptian Muslims, in particular for ladies, Zeynab is a defender, a barrack which ("blessing") they aspire to receive in the affairs connected with wealth and health: in other words, it is very popular sacred.
Though the Koran forbids an idolization mortal, eagerness of the person to give to objects of the belief an anthropomorphous look seems invincible. No matter what Muslim civilisation has own sacred (chosen the people, instead of the authorities) and honours descendants of the Prophet or his close relatives. For Shiites Ali and Hussein’s martyrdom serves as the story about their own sufferings while Zeynab (маулид as which involves Shiites from abroad) is esteemed as their close relative.
Before going back, you can glance in one of many cheap, but known snackbars of quarter Sayid Zeynab. To return from here to the central part of Cairo, sit down on the bus or the minibus from Shary Hayrat opposite to a mosque Zeynab or ask how to pass to the next metro station (10 minutes on foot). From "Sayid Zeynab" or "Saad Zaglul’s" stations (which are located a row) you can pass by the underground to the North to the areas of Tahrir or Ramses or on the South to Old Cairo ("Mari Girgis’s" station).

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