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The southern route in Menlun. The Chinese park of Municipal minority of Thais

The southern route in Menlun. The Chinese park of Municipal minority of Thais

The southern route across China
Because on lifting on a range to Menjyan a lot of time, the most part of the buses, plying boundaries Tszinkhun and Menlunem leaves, conduct travel to China through the southern route. It begins behind Lantsan Bridge and in an extent of 30 km lasts on the plain of the river of Lantsan between infinite series of rubber-bearing plants – to Menkhanya (Ganlanba known also under the title), the head settlement lush «plains in the form of an olive» (and directly Ganlanba so is translated). It is one of Sishuanbanna’s 3rd main agricultural zones, in an extent of centuries окультуривавшаяся hands of the person and it is at present burning printsipny for Thais (other two earth zones lie in the west of, about Damenlun and Menkhaya). On the road you will see unlimited quantity of farmer plots with the traditional wood lodges completely hidden under bolshenny roofs and standing on piles over the damp earth. However, to please to projects on the edge "modernisation", accepted by the regional authorities, supporting the Chinese business, this style moderately gives way to brick building. Menkhan is picturesquely framed with rice fields and the low hills limiting the plain. It absolutely approaches in order that for some days to plunge into the original ethnic environment, watching the Chinese sights of the nature.
Ordinary culture of China in Mantin
Lying in the city northwest the Chinese park of Municipal minority of Thais (ежедн.; V50) – the big, equipped zone with several small villages – shows the embellished version of Thai way of life. The park is aimed at tourist groups in which program its visit is put. For them here once a day indicative Festivals of Water Splashes are arranged also. Many houses on the district of park are leased (about V20 for a berth. The entrance ticket grants the right of survey of all park. It is possible to spend the night and at the popular restaurant Sarlar Restaurant (0691/2410319) located in 200 m from a bus stop – lodgers sleep on mats on a floor in a room in the neighbourhood with a lunch hall (CNY 10). Fans of comfort are waited by personal hotels of China, most magnificent of them in the city – Ganlanba Hotel (0691/2411233;) in 200 m to the East from park. However, for hotel of the category it a little дороговат. In shop opposite are given are for rent considerable from China. Local agencies offer unlimited number of one-day pedestrian rounds and bicycle trips. One of the most favourite options assumes a crossing with stately through Mekong on the local ferry and survey of Thai small villages on the left side from the mooring.
In couple of km to the East, in Mantin, there is unusual beauty Mantin’s Buddhist temple and a pagoda to Dada. Both constructions – tremendous reconstruction of starenky structures of the twelfth century destroyed in the 1960th. From Mantin on the East, along the river and on its turnaround coast, conducts unlimited number of roads and the paths conducting to other pagodas and small villages for which survey it is not a pity to spend some days.

Create Mantin’s Buddhist temple priobrevshy rounds to China from Yakutsk can.

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