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Shanghai. Shanghai – the city in what prospers the Chinese business

Shanghai. Shanghai - the city in what prospers the Chinese business

The city in what promptly develops the Chinese business

What there Englishmen considered, the history of Shanghai has begun in any way with the basis of the British concession finally the First opium war. The map of the rivers of China clearly speaks about it. Located in that place where meet Yangzi’s river, the Great channel and the Pacific Ocean, Shanghai served as printsipny trading port since board of the Sunsky dynasty, providing Beijing, continent and Japan with cotton which in wealth grow up in the region. To dynasty coming to power Cin economic, and partly and political, control over the city has been concentrated in hands of the trading guilds created by local merchants by an example of their Dutch brothers. The decision of Englishmen to base in Shanghai the concession just and has been dictated by that the city in the 1840th has turned, according to the representative of the East Indian company Hugh Lindsey, into «the main shopping centre of East Asia».
British were based in Shanghai upon termination of Opium wars, having used the right stipulated by the Nanking contract of 1842. The Chinese business in Shanghai began to develop promptly. Soon, in 1847, also Frenchmen here have come. Two European powers have based in the city the 1st zabugorny concessions – British (lengthways the Gang and in a zone to the North from the Chinese city) and French (in a zone to the southwest, on a place of the cathedral based by the French missionary for two centuries earlier). In 1863 to Shanghai Americans, and in 1895 inhabitants of the country of the rising sun, burning with the desire to seize the piece of a pie were. The history of China still never faced such mass economic intervention. The domination of foreigners has poured out in emergence on a map of the city of the so-called International settlement. Dealers lived exclusive enclaves with quite dim borders under laws own native the countries; the order and safety in each concession were watched by the special police which has been also gathered from Europeans. By 1900 thanks to favourable location – near the main trading way to the main provinces making silk and tea, – the city has turned into the big port and the industrial centre in what gained capacity the Chinese creation.

Awful night life of China of times of formation

Those years Shanghai was supervised by «A green gang», disappointingly known syndicate based in the 1700th by jobless boatmen to which in the 1920th all underworld of the city submitted. Dealers and the criminals trampling on the severe code of honour of «A green gang», punished, «forcing to the knees» – with a knife it cut all sinews then ill-starred left to die on crowded streets. Night life of China, Shanghai became epicentre and which heart, raged, as a copper.
The available labour of Shanghai has replenished during Boxing revolt by those who has avoided slaughter in zabugorny settlements, and the peasants migrating in the city in search of the best life. Directly in Shanghai the proletariat of the vpervy was issued in a class, and the poor living conditions, growing unemployment and out of the common the bad treatment of the Chinese workers of zabugorny investors have turned Shanghai into a zone of public fermentation. In 1921 in the city the Communist party which has been tired out, however, in an underground after cruel execution over hundred parts of strikers in 1927 has been based.

How the basic place of China in world economy has been lost

With arrival of communists to the power light of Shanghai has started to grow dim. The history of China has turned to absolutely ingy course. The Zabugorny community is ready were «to run business as before», but the new mode has allocated for Shanghai other role in constructive reconstruction of China. Slums have been taken down, and on their place new houses have grown; gangsters and prostitutes have been sent on "re-education". The Zabugorny capital has been cut very down or confiscated in general though Chan Kaysha was possible to deduce gold reserves «Bank оф Chayn» to Taiwan. But such policy was pitiable for the city and for the country as a whole? the basic place of China in world economy has been lost by the kommuniistichesky government. Because of all this the city has appeared on the verge of currency crash. In 35 years foreign influence has been almost eradicated.
Since 1949 Shanghai became the radicalism centre – directly here Mao choking in a vice of the Beijing bureaucracy, has begun in 1966 the Cultural revolution. A part of krasnogvardeyets even declared development of the Shanghai community while business has not reached groundless destruction and retaliatory actions. After Mao Shankhay’s death remained the last stronghold of the Gang 4 in their race for power though to plans of revolution born by them not destiny it was to be realised. Many officials in the modern government of China – natives of the Shanghai region; Chiang Zemin and Zhu Zhuntszi – both were in due time mayors of Shanghai.

Discrepancy of an overpopulation of the Chinese big small town? high cost of residence in the Shanghai region of China

But, even being a printsipny support of ruling party, Shanghai always was the most progressive and most open city? those years the hugest industrial exhibitions in China here have been held. His inhabitants always were the most highly skilled labour in the country and were famous for the wit and organising abilities. Many shankhayets after 1949 ran to Hong Kong where became witnesses and accomplices of an economic miracle of a colony. Shankhaytsa make also a considerable share of succeeding Chinese migrants in Europe and America. Even in days of the Cultural revolution such "noxious" influences of the West, how hand drawing on public or a hairdressing, the 1st night clubs in China? in Shanghai have not been eradicated. In spite of the fact that other Chinese do not understand a local dialect, to foreigners in communication here it is simpler, than in any other region of the country – here very many know English and know customs and habits of Europeans. Prosperity of the city guarantees to guests the best rest and shopping in China which only it is possible for itself to present. In the city the bolshushchy unlimited quantity of entertaining institutions works, and all new bars and clubs every year open. Shanghai remains not only the leading factory centre of the country; it is huge shopping centre – the wealth and quality of the goods in local shops involves buyers from all China.
Vobshchem, there are also many difficulties as most actual of which discrepancy of overpopulation from which Shanghai suffers here already how many 10-ov years acts. In spite of the fact that the city is nominally closed for internal migrants, the policy «one family – one child» here is actively realised and once a year in Shanghai becomes 300 000 abortions, the city continues grow. Population in 16 million people has already deduced it in ranks of the huge and most overpopulated cities of the world. Even the official statistics does not hide that fact that it is the share of a share of each resident of an inhabited place on the average least the sizes of a double bed. In practice it quite often pours out in life of the 3rd generations of a family in one room. Delema the price for housing does not solve even? in Shanghai the highest cost of residence in China. The big mass of privately owned vehicles and city transport turn the Shanghai streets into rush hours in the real cancans, to escape from which is almost unreal. Being the centre of oil-processing, chemical and metallurgical industry of the region, Shanghai suffers from strong pollution of the environment. About 4 million tons of the crude waste of the industrial and handicraft companies of times a day jump out the river to Huanp – the main source of drinking water in the city. And waters of its inflow of Suzhou simply black and fetid. And, eventually, because of wealth of skyscrapers the city settles on one and a half centimetre a year that complicates new construction.

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