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Shanghai. One of sights of Shanghai – big Chinese Vaybayda Bridge

Shanghai. One of sights of Shanghai – big Chinese Vaybayda Bridge

Walk across Shanghai – big Chinese Vaybayda Bridge

Not printsipno, how many there is a kandalovyovka to China and when you wish to make the travel there, you will find a real holiday of life in Shanghai. A casino, night clubs, shopping centres, different entertainment complexes – all this in for a minute not calming down Shanghai. And, though population of China is unreasonably great, and in Shanghai discrepancy of an overpopulation costs unusually sharply, this city surprisingly малогабаритен, and it will be simple to you to be guided, walking on the city. Though to bypass all Shanghai on foot it is unreal, and you nevertheless should use bus or a taxi in China for journey from the 1st area in another. The zone of the city most interesting to guests is bordered from the East with the river to Huanp (flowing from the South on the North) and from the North its inflow of Suzhou (flowing from the West on the East). It is best of all to begin walk in a southwest corner перекрестья these 2 rivers, at an entrance in small park to Huanp. To the North from it through Suzhou will throw big Chinese Vaybayda Bridge, having passed which you will appear in a zone of the former Japanese concession. To the South from park to Huanp, along the west bank of the river to Huanp, (Embankment), officially called Zhongshan Lu, and in people Vaytan lasts Gangs. From east river bank on Gangs the television tower with the romantic title «East pearl» which costs in Pudun – the Special economic zone looks – and serves as the finest reference point in the city. For those who after all is afraid to lose the way in the big unfamiliar city, in newsstands the detailed map of China with the cities is on sale.

Chinese park of Shanghai? beauty on though what taste

In a hundred part of metres to the South from park to Huanp Band it is crossed with Nanjing Lu – one of the main shopping streets of the city, lasting on the West, by the northernmost tip of park of Zhenmin stretched in the centre of Shanghai. As well as all roads conducting with the East on the West, Nanjing Lu it is called in honour of the city – Nanjing; the North southern routes carry names of provinces. About, when it is better to go to China to walk across Shanghai, it is possible not to think at all? parks of this city are fine in any weather, and in though what season. In several quarters to the South from Nanjing Lu there passes one more east western highway – Yan’an Lu joining a tunnel under the river to Huanp. To the south of a tunnel and slightly to the west the Gang is the Old city. From the highways of Shanghai aimed from the North at the South, Xizang Lu crossing the central part of the city slightly to the east of an entrance in the Chinese park of Zhenmin is important. Xizang Lu conducts on the North, to an intersection with Huaihai Lu – the next shopping street of Shanghai lasting on the West, in heart of old French concession.

Rest in China from Vladivostok? we travel with comfort on the metal road.

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