The northeast Anatoli is the region of Turkey in what there are no overflowed resorts of Turkey | World travel, tourism and geography 

The northeast Anatoli is the region of Turkey in what there are no overflowed resorts of Turkey

The northeast Anatoli is the region of Turkey in what there are no overflowed resorts of Turkey

The regions of Turkey in northeast Anatoli
The hilly, merkly and melancholic northeast Anatoli whom you can visit during round to Turkey — is Turkish option of Siberia or the midland Australian desert. Its high plateaus blown by winds alternate corroded an erosion mountains which do not seem high, despite impressing numbers on the card. Four big rivers — Chorokh, the Chicken, Aras here originate (in Armenia it call Akhuryan) and Euphrates (in Turkish — Fyrat), running in Black and Caspian exhausting and the Persian Gulf. Their sources practically meet in an unapproachable point over the steppe near to Erzurum but as the rivers go down to warmer gorges and plains at mountain feet, oases and the cities with hotels of Turkey there start to appear, causing the real is interesting to the region. The government of Turkey gives bolshushchy both military, and civil attention to the central provinces Northeast Anatoli, to Kars, Artvin and Erzurum, but, despite printsipny plans on their development, the most part of these regions of Turkey can be hardly used on another, than for cultivation of grain, hay and a delightful beet (from May to September) and a cattle pasture.
Poor regions of Turkey
This agricultural area remains all same poor, both horse teams and manual instruments of labour still here can be met more often than the combine or a tractor. Men graze huge flocks of sheep, and ladies in villages look after guffawing rack of geese. In the absence of the woods, inhabitants of Turkey, which unable to get coal, heat the houses cow flat cakes (in Turkish — тезек) which heaps inevitably adjoin to vsesushchy haystacks. Severe seven-months winters dictate need to build stocky, houses half going to the earth in Turkey and form stoical, reserved character of locals. Rather succeeding only woody plains round Yusufeli and Artvin with less rarefied atmosphere and the pseudo-Mediterranean climate because here certainly influence of the Dark sea already starts to be felt look. As to tourists in Turkey, practically everywhere you will be provided to yourselves — an exception make unless mountains going along the Black Sea coast. Tourism always was here in embryo, and the situation in the southeast area was aggravated besides the prolonged solution of a Kurdish question. Recently passions have a little ceased, but civil war in Georgia and the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh — because of the last for unknown time was closed border between Armenia and Turkey — force while to forget about final restoration of peace in the region.
The cities of Turkey in the northeast Anatoli
From where you have arrived — from Central Anatoli, from the southeast of Turkey or from the coast of the Dark sea — the 1st your stop will be in Erzurum (Erzurum), old dream of many commanders and merchants and rather bolshenny city unique here. At present it is the main transport knot and change point to other areas Northeast Anatoli with urged to confuse you postseldzhuksky monuments of architecture. Located in the northeast to the Penalty (Kars), is the last bolshushchy city before border with Armenia. From it it is possible to reach to Ania’s (Ani) former Armenian capital and to less known separate Armenian churches and fortresses which are the main sights of the region and which surely should be examined, having arrived to Turkey in the autumn. To the North from Erzurum were stretched entering at present in structure of the Turkish Republic of the plain of early medieval Georgia in what disappear 10-ki churches and actually as much fortresses. This bewitching, from time to time a place visited by tourists, maybe, more everything deserves your visit. Investigating monuments of the Georgian architecture, it is pertinent тормознуть in the capital of the province to Artvin (Artvin) or the pleasant small town of Turkey – Yusufeli (Yusufeli). The last from them costs on the most popular, southern entrance to magic East Понтийским mountains which separate to Northeast Anatoly from the Dark sea and are conventional paradise for mountain tourists.

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