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Means of communication.

Means of communication.

Post offices.

Post offices (posta), being in round across the Czech Republic, usually, work in pn-pt with 8. 00 to 17. 00 and a web with 8. 00 to 12. 00. To avoid turns, pay attention to inscriptions: znamky (brand), dopisy (letter) and balky (envelopes). Brands can be got both on mail, and in newsstands and tobacco stalls.

Call boxes and Internet.

Call boxes are calculated on introduction of telephone cards (telefonni karty) which can be got on mail, in tobacco booths and some shops. From all card payphones it is possible to create internal and trunk calls. Practically in each Czech city there is at least one Internet cafe; the tariff makes 60-100 KB/h.

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