French riviera. City of Marseille. Practical data. | World travel, tourism and geography 

French riviera. City of Marseille. Practical data.

French riviera. City of Marseille. Practical data.

Arrival in Marseille.

The main station of Marseille of Saint-Charles is on the northern suburb of the district (arrondissement) round the corner from autostation on place Victor-Hugo. It is best of all to walk on foot but if you wish to overcome important distances, it is absolutely possible to use public transport: by bus, by tram and underground. Tickets for 1, 40 euros can be got at metro stations and at bus stops. The tourist’s bureau is about La Canebiere, 4, at harbour (pn-sb 9. 00-19. 00/19. 30, вс 10. 00-17. 00/18. 00; 04 91 13 89 00) where the free service of placement operates and City Pass with the right of a free access in all museums, also journey and Chateau d’If visit (cost of 16 and 23 euros for one and two days) are on sale.

Residence in Marseille.

Among cheap hotels – La Maison du petit Canard, 2 impasse St-Francoise (04 91 91 40 31,), – a tiny benevolent institution in the middle of Panye’s region, Alize, quai Beiges, 35 (04 91 33 66 97), – an ordinary institution in the centre, a Beam, 63 rue Sylv-abelle (04 91 37 75 83, 04 91 81 54 98), is located in several quarters to the east of port. There are also two hosted – Bois Luzy, allee des Primeveres (04 91 49 06 18, 8, 90 euros, the bus 6 or 8, is closed in 22. 30), in the old lock and Bonneveine on av Joseph Vidal (04 91 17 63 30, 15, 70 euros) in the 3rd miles from the city centre.

Cafe and restaurants.

In a look ukhi-buyabes (bouillabaisse) prepare the Marseilles delicacy in the majority of restaurants near the old port, the best institution – Le Miramama quai du Port, 12 where the prices grow quickly. The best cheap snackbars and beer are located in popular places of cours ‘dEstienne ‘dOrves: excellent light meals prepare in Les Arsenaulx in the house No. 25, in the same place is available surprising tea with bookcases. The good food can be tried around rue Sainte – La Part des Anges in the house No. 33. And near port there is popular institution ‘LEntrecote du Port, 6 Quai de Rive Neuve. Night life proceeds in clubs on cours ‘dEsteienne ‘dOrves and cours Julien, but the prices here have a tendency to growth. On days off the bar Cafe Julien (with live music) about cours Julien, 39 uses popularity. To visit Marseille it is possible having used round to France.

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