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Кютахья and its vicinities. The cities of Turkey and tourist routes

Кютахья and its vicinities. The cities of Turkey and tourist routes

Original cities of Turkey
Кютахья and its vicinities – tourist Turkey. That who the 1st time has a rest in Turkey, this city of Turkey is not familiar, but it is very interesting. Tone in Kyutakhye is set by perfectly remained houses of times of the Ottoman Empire which have concentrated in a certain proximity from its main square – Belediye Meydani. The main sights of Turkey are in Kyutakhyae in the turnaround end of Cumhuriyet Bulvan which here begins. Through 500 m, at an intersection, you will see Ula Dzhami, the most interesting mosque of the XV century who costs among the local market borrowing some adjoining streets. City museum. Near Ullah Dzhami there is a city museum (the W-vs 8 works. 30-12. 00 and 12. 00-17. 30; the price of the entrance ticket of 2YTL) with a collection of the archeological finds made in vicinities, including a remarkable sarcophagus from Ezani on whom fight of Greeks with amazons is represented. But the building of a museum is even more interesting than it to an exposition. It takes place in Vadzhidiye Medresesi, the madrasah of the XIV century constructed by the emir Germiyanidov Bey Bin Savdzhi as observatory and school of mathematics and other sciences. Its main sight is the central marble pool under a dome with glass inserts.
Noteworthy tourist routes of Turkey
The house of the revolutionary usually enters into tourist routes of Turkey. Indexes for Ula Dzhami and a museum show the road to Koshut Evie (the W-vs 8 is open. 30-12. 00 13. 30-17. 30; 2YTL) which is in several minutes of walking in the direction to the West. It is the house Layosha Koshuta (1802-1894), the Hungarian revolutionary who ran to Turkey in 1848, after revolt defeat against Gabsburgov. The building has absolutely remained since 1850-1851 when in it there lived Koshut, but his personality, how many ordinary Turkish interiors of the XIX century is usually interesting to guests not so much.
Fortress. Tourist rounds quite often do not include this fortress in Turkey, and it is a pity. Thanks to indexes of houses Koshuta and to towers of a fortress of Kyutakhyi you can pass to the most top point of the city, beautiful views of the city stretched below from where open. The fortress has been constructed by Byzantines and is expanded their followers, but till today in a unique look only its western walls have remained. To many tourists to visit Spa the centres in Turkey it is pleasant more than to learn other sights.

For inhabitants of the Russian Federation we offer rounds to Turkey from Magnitogorsk.

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