Shanghai. An independent trip to China with the help zhd transport

Shanghai. An independent trip to China with the help жд transport

Main жд the city station from which departs жд transport of China in Shanghai? The Shanghai station – is to the North from the river Suzhou. Its wide concrete yard is always flooded by peasants and is unsafe at night therefore, your independent trip to China in Shanghai can be fraught with troubles. To reach to the destination from the station by the bus – not the best option. We advise to you to sit down on the underground (line 1) or to take a taxi (the trip by a taxi in China on this route will manage to you least CNY 15-20). Before the station there is an official parking of a taxi where always there are free cars. The next station – Western – is located on the northwest suburb of the city. There arrive trains of distant following, and is concrete, from the Inner Mongolia. The station is connected by transition to metro station; on the area near the station there is a parking of a taxi and a bus No. 106 stop.

Going to travel to China from Irkutsk, do not forget to take an interest in your tour agency about rules of filling of the customs declaration and registration of the Chinese visa.

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