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People of Turkey: Kurdish question. the 1st modern revolts

People of Turkey: Kurdish question. the 1st modern revolts

History of the people of Turkey: introduction of a ban on the Kurdish organisations
With caliphate cancellation in 1924 all expressing Kurdish interests of the organisation have been forbidden a descent also, but opposition to these reforms was expressed more quickly in Islamic fundamentalism, than in Kurdish nationalism. In 1925 the sheikh of an award of dervishes Nakshibendi has lifted mutiny to the north of Diyarbakir. Having suppressed it in two months, the government has outlawed everything ордены dervishes. Soon after that revolt near Mount Ararat which proceeded till 1929 has begun. Since 1936 the army battled two years to Kurds алеви from Dersim (at present Tundzheli). The Turkish government furiously finished with insurgents, executing them, moving the Kurdish population of Turkey on the West and suppressing any manifestations of their state accessory. To give military a free hand, the most part of the East of the country has been declared by a military zone how these measures were provoked by the Russian Union.
History of the people of Turkey: a role of Kurds in public life of Turkey
Later Kurds, without considering silent residence in Turkey, could participate in public life of the country, only having assimilated. Their questions were solved under an unclear sign of «East development», and after 1960 – under the aegis of left-wing parties. So it has developed historically that these people of Turkey – the Sunni Kurds – still remained at a semi-feudal stage of development that played into the hands aha which in exchange for tips from Ankara guaranteed the correct vote of own subordinates. But Kurds алеви, in particular after the 1960th, have started to be declined to the left ideas and has turned into targets of riots of Muslim fundamentalists and/or the right activists. Turkey in the winter of 1978 has been shaken by events in Kakhraman-Marash. Military coups 1971 and 1980. became test for left-wing parties as a whole and Kurdish movement and it is concrete that has made preconditions for emergence of Kurdistan Workers’ Party, RPK (Party Karkaris Kurdistan), the extremist organisation fighting against assimilation or marginalization of own people.

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