Overland trips and safari. Overland excursions in Egypt | World travel, tourism and geography 

Overland trips and safari. Overland excursions in Egypt

Overland trips and safari. Overland excursions in Egypt

Excursions in Egypt on jeeps
To behold the miracles hidden in the desert, safaris companies and agencies of travel will organise trips on jeeps, camels, baizes and ATVs. One-day excursions in Egypt on jeeps with visit of the mangrove woods and a snorkling in Nabka are the most popular (Sun and Fun offers a trip occupying a half of day for 30 dollars), more popular New Year’s rounds to Egypt are registered also; a trip on 4WD to the Color canyon which occupations by a snorkling either in Dakhab, or in Nuveybe follow; and in Sacred Ekaterina’s monastery in Egypt. (a night trip which includes lifting to Mount Sinai, cost of 50 dollars). Closer to Naama there is a Vadi Mandar which can be visited at sunset during a trip on jeeps (25 dollars) or camels (25 dollars, including tea drinking, 35 dollars, including a dinner). If you see that trips are not enough advertised, maybe, they include travel by the bus, instead of on a jeep (about it it is possible to learn before a trip to Egypt). A little further deep into on the road Vadi Ayn Kid, an extended canyon which terminates in an oasis with palm trees, a well and a Bedu farm settles down; evening excursions cost about 60 dollars, including a dinner with bedouins. Some companies also offer excursions in Serabit-el-Hadim and Hammam Faraun.
Other types of tourism in Egypt
For longer trips to the desert it is better to address in the skilled company Madian Adventure (069/366-0593, 360-0594, peninsula menanet. net), one of the most skilled conductors in this area, offers different types of tourism in Egypt: a safari on jeeps and mountain transitions from 60 dollars on the person in day. All these companies also offer the one-day trips described above though in many of these places, without considering Nabk, Vadi Mandar and Vadi Ayn Kid, cheaper to reach from Nuveyby or Dakhab where there are rather popular hotels of Egypt. Trips on horses to the desert can be organised in the centre of equestrian sport in Sofitel (069/360-0081) where trips to the desert cost 25 dollars at an o’clock, and night – from 100 dollars and above. The most authentic is the trip on camels with conductors bedouins which can be ordered through Pigeon House approximately for 40 dollars in a couple of hours. The ATVs which are also known as cross-country cars, are one of favourite ways of movement in the desert. Car rent widely practises in Egypt. Canyon Safari in Pigeon House (069/360-0997, mobile 012 3158121) hands over in hire ATVs (30 dollars on 2 people at an o’clock; 20 dollars on the 1st person) and also will organise a popular trip on a sunset (40 dollars for two the person; 28 dollars on the 1st) which takes two hours together with a stop for tea drinking with bedouins. Other excursions on ATVs include a six-hour trip in Nabk with a lunch (130 dollars for two the person; 110 dollars on the 1st) and a trip with a dinner at bedouins (65 dollars for two, 45 dollars on the 1st).
Car rent in Egypt
If you dream to risk and leave in itself, you can use a car rent in Egypt, for example, to hire a jeep for 90 dollars in day in Avis, in Morgan Moll (069/360-0979). The prices for smaller cars on the size, such as Ford Fiyesta, make from 35 dollars in day; come into Bita of Sagas Rental (069/360-0826) in Falcon Hotel; Hertz (069/366-2299) opposite to Cairo bank in Hadab; if you are in Shark-Bey or in vicinities, come into Budget (069/360-1610) in the Coral bay behind the airport. (By the way, mobile communication in Egypt will grow before soon that it will be possible to take in hire phones, as in the rising sun Country.) If the moped for movement on Naam is necessary to you only, they are available for 15 dollars at an o’clock or 50 dollars in day in Red Sea Sports Centre (mobile 012 22260432), located for Hilton. Keep in mind that without support it is forbidden to foreigners to move away from roads as in Sinai still there were many unexploded land mines.

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