On the car. The car rent in Thailand – how many costs

On the car. The car rent in Thailand - how many costs

Driving on the car in Thailand not for the faint-hearted. But independent driving стращает is less than many tourists, than driving on local transport. In Bangkok there is a number of the reliable companies which offer car rent in Thailand, the prices in them are more applicable, than the prices of the international companies though they and not always offer cars of the last brands. You can employ the car with the driver, it will manage to you only for 50 % more expensively, than an ordinary car rent in Thailand.
Movement in Thailand left foreign, as in Great Britain and Australia. And though here, as well as everywhere, there are Traffic regulations, the most part of drivers ignores them. Be ready to an aggressive manner of driving: here trust a saying: «Who risks, that wins». «If you have to carry out time a great lot in traffic jams, take the car with the conditioner» – advise many who had a rest in Thailand in the summer.

Unforgettable rest in Thailand from Surgut. Will suffice to dream, it is time to travel! And our portal will help you with it.

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