North Central Anatoli. Кютахья. Ceramic art of Turkey, the inhabitant of Turkey | World travel, tourism and geography 

North Central Anatoli. Кютахья. Ceramic art of Turkey, the inhabitant of Turkey

North Central Anatoli. Кютахья. Ceramic art of Turkey, the inhabitant of Turkey

Ceramic art of Turkey
Кютахья. History of Kyutakhya. КЮТАХЬЯ (KUTAHYA) with an Ottoman fortress towering over it is known, art of Turkey on manufacturing of a charming clay tile which can be beheld in any corner of Turkey. At restoration of Ottoman mosques with it replace izniksky originals (Kyutakhya became Iznik’s successor in production of tiles). Many modern houses in Turkey including отогар in Kyutakhye, are completely trimmed by a tile. The shops trading in tiles, dinner services and vases, not to mention bathroom equipment, are here actually on each street. Frigiyets were the first inhabitants of Kyutakhyi. Having endured all peripetias of anatoliysky history of Turkey (continuous attacks, captures, attacks and occupations), Kyutakhya was nominated to the 1st roles after Alexander the Great has based here the rate on a way to Gordion. After fight of 1071 at Mantsikert (Manazkert, Manzikert) Kyutakhyyu have borrowed сельджуки, but during the First crusade it have beaten off back. Seldzhuki have come back in 1182, and years through 100 it became the capital Germiyanidov, leaders of the Kurdish-Turkish tribe which has come from the East. They have been expelled by Ottomans, but after Bayazid Yyldyrym’s defeat in fight with Tamerlan Germiyanida have come back and have stayed here till 1428 then the city absolutely was a part of the Ottoman Empire.
Old rivalry of inhabitants of Turkey in production of tiles
Under the power of Ottomans of Kyutakhya has endured the Golden Age and became the second main centre where inhabitants of Turkey did tiles. In 1514, after defeat of Persians at Chaldyran, Sultan Selim 1 against will has transported here masters from Tabriz. The part them has been sent in Iznik that has begun two hundred year’s rivalry of 2 cities which has ended only when izniksky creation of Turkey has been transferred to Istanbul. With centuries know-how of dyes which appropriated to tiles unique hardly perceptible light therefore modern tiles of Kyutakhyi look in comparison with tiles of an Ottoman era more pale and rough has been lost. During War for independence the city was occupied by the Greek army going on Ankara. Twice, in January and April, 1921, aggressors suffered defeats in fights at the gorge Inyonya to the northeast from Kyutakhyi. Eventually in the summer of the same year they have created break, have grasped Eskishekhir and Afyonkarakhisar and have undertaken coming which has ended at distance of the 1st transition from Ankara. But in further year Greeks have been expelled from Anatoli after counterattack the Turk which has begun in Dumlupynara, halfway between Kyutakhyey and Afyonkarakhisar. Economic rounds to Turkey are representative for Russians.

For inhabitants of the Russian Federation we offer rounds to Turkey from Minvody.

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