Night Turkey: Olya-Denise. Restaurants, bars, clubs | World travel, tourism and geography 

Night Turkey: Olya-Denise. Restaurants, bars, clubs

Night Turkey: Olya-Denise. Restaurants, bars, clubs

Restaurants in Olya-Deniz nothing remarkable, not being remembered, arrived on rest in Turkey hardly will please these institutions with the prices. After all, it is necessary to mention quite old Kumsal Pide popular among tourists travelling with portfolios in Turkey which is in east part of a foot esplanade, where Meuse above the average level on quality and quantity; it is open all the year round; in a ground floor there is a bowling. Mentions also Oba Hostel restaurants where prepare quite tasty Turkish dishes, and Secret Garden (0252/617 0231) which has hidden on Beldzhekiz’s boondocks where prepare shaking tandyr-kebaby and dishes from the old salt, or лаврака are worthy. Night Turkey in Olya-Denise to you will be remembered by inflated prices of food.

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