Night life in Egypt. Popular vacation spots for youth and younger generation in Egypt | World travel, tourism and geography 

Night life in Egypt. Popular vacation spots for youth and younger generation in Egypt

Night life in Egypt. Popular vacation spots for youth and younger generation in Egypt

Rest for youth in Egypt
Rest for youth in Egypt as well as a turisticheky trip to Egypt will not be boring. Alcohol drinks are widely available at the European prices, maybe, more than somewhere in Egypt; in shop duty free before Kahmmana (once a day 11:00-14:00 and 18:00-23:00) cheap alcohol drinks of Egypt though you can take duty free only within 24 hours after arrival in Egypt are on sale. The love a starting point for evening is Camel Dive Bar in Camel Dive Club, a pleasant bar in what all is covered with flags and T-shirts, and the floor is covered with a peanut peel. The main place of concourse of the British expatriates – Tavern Pub which will be transformed at night to a bar, and later in a disco; and The Mexican Bar (13:00-till midnight), near Na’ama Inn, under the rock at the end of the main street, with the local DJ. Дискоклубы Egypt render habitable more and more. Locals prefer to gather to Pirates Bar with a sea subject in Hilton («happy hour» 17:30-19:30), where it is also possible to eat, and cafe in Iberotel Lido – not a bad place to admire a decline over Naama-Bey. Along the beach road are located the cocktail bars, attached to resorts – Havana Cafe and Flame Bar, both behind Hilton, in them it is necessary to glance.
Night clubs of Egypt
The main night club in Naam is Sanafir where various night entertainments are presented. East show, generally belly dance of the Egyptian skilled workers from the former Union at 21:30 begins. Expenses will make 50 pounds if you have not supper in one of restaurants belonging to them while the bar Star Talks located on a roof is popular among romantically adjusted vacationers. In Sanafir there is also the most hippy club in Naama, Bus Stop (50 pounds, including one drink) where fun begins about midnight and proceeds till 3:00. On Fridays the small trip to The Echo Temple in the desert, at the bottom of Sinai mountains (145 pounds, additional information of www there will be organised. pachasharm. com). The same popular club Pacha in Egypt (190 pounds) divides one district with Bus Stop, but they have different entrances. The main competitor of Sanafir is the Hard Rock Cafe in particular popular among Italians (a disco of times a day 20:00 – to 2-3 o’clock in the morning, 069/360-2665). Other discos and night clubs of Egypt – Black House Disco in Movenpick are popular in Rosetta and Cactus among the hotel personnel; Salsa with the Latin American subject near Hard Rock Cafe. All of them happen from time to time brisk till midnight. In many hotel bars, including Kahramana and Sanafir, there are billiard tables.
Customs of Egypt in the neighbourhood from a casino
If you wish to predetermine evening to the Egyptian customs, at your service the numerous coffee houses which have stood in a row on the main street outside of Sanafir where offer шиша (hookah), drinks of Egypt, and it is possible to look for locals. The best шиша in the city can be got in Panorama open-air cafe where the steps rising on a slope of a hill, conduct sofas to lonely corners where there are tables, and excellent types open; шиша it is presented with various tastes and there are 10 pounds – charming vacation spots in Egypt. It is possible to look customs of Egypt in the neighbourhood from a casino which in Naama-Bey a little, and they open late at night, including Casino Royale in Movenpick, and one in Sonesta where you will need to show the passport at an entrance. There is also a cinema in Safir hotel, at the road to the airport where you can watch new Hollywood films for 20 pounds.

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