Neil Asyyuts plain and vicinities. Mosques of Egypt in the city. Tourist map of the cities of Egypt: Asyut | World travel, tourism and geography 

Neil Asyyuts plain and vicinities. Mosques of Egypt in the city. Tourist map of the cities of Egypt: Asyut

Neil Asyyuts plain and vicinities. Mosques of Egypt in the city. Tourist map of the cities of Egypt: Asyut

Mosques of Egypt and caravanserais in Asyut
Asyut – the dusty big city, raging the transport streams which are overthrowing from elevated highways, – has erased practically all traces of own past. Rocky tombs to the West from the city – the unique reminiscence about faraonovsky Ceuta, the new centre which Greeks called Likopolem («The wolf city») because of a local deity by name of Upuaut, «Opening ways». This god whom people in Egypt represented in the form of a wolf or a jackal, was very suitable symbol for the city which prospered thanks to a slave trade later. Directly there were the desert those who overcame burdens of "Sorokadnevnaya Road" only later to be sold in slavery.
Human trafficking proceeded, apparently, till 1883 though Amelia Edward has not seen here anything illegal when a decade later admired «unusual red vessels» and «large bottles in the form of birds» in the markets of Asyut. If your guide does not object, walk on the old city where mamlyuksky mosques of Egypt and caravanserais are concealed in the heart of lanes behind the street on July 26 and the Drill Sayd. For about 3 medieval inns – викал Lotfi, Tabat and Halabi – look Hammam Sabit, the Ottoman bath working still attached to a mosque. As well as these constructions, the remains of the Nile dam constructed at Mohammed Ali, cause Islamic Cairo in memory. Or you can pass on an underpass to other party of the metal road and walk along Shary Salakh ad-Din al-Ayyubi where every evening inhabitants of Asyut slowly saunter by brightly shined show-windows to the brisk Cornysh Embankment filled with personal clubs. But this route hardly will approach, if you have caught rounds to Egypt with children.
Tourist map of the cities of Egypt: Asyut
From here it is possible to go to entertaining cruise (from May to November; 5-10 pounds) on the Banana peninsula (Gezira el-Mohz) – a magnificent place for picnics where it is also possible to reach on фелуке – or to the Asyut dam being on 2 kilometres are lower on a watercourse. Can be on travel to you to be useful the map of the cities of Egypt. The dam has been constructed by Englishmen in 1898-1903. The school based by the American missionaries treats the same era for boys (at present the school is called as As Salaam where children of both floors) near the area study on October 6. In the museum of Library of Taggart located here (once a day, not including Fridays and Sundays, 8:00-15:00 is open; an entrance free) such amusing exhibits, as mummies of dogs and fishes or personal counters Ancient Egyptian the fighter are exposed. On other river bank there is Lilian Tresher’s (Malga Trasher) orphanage – the most bolshushchy and known institution of this kind in all Egypt (the next known shelter made on means of a pop star of Mohammed Tarvat, is in Tanta). You can reach here, using a taxi in Egypt. A shelter based in 1911 of Lilian Tresher which has arrived to Egypt from Florida at the age of 23 years and was lost on the new found homeland in 1961, is a subject of special pride for Copts living in Asyut; guests (also donations) here are in every possible way welcomed. Minibuses (50 piastres), going of the city centre nearby stop, it is possible to reach also by a taxi (3 pounds).

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