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Мэнлунь. A Znamenityykitaysky garden in Menlun

Мэнлунь. A Znamenityykitaysky garden in Menlun

Routes from Tszinkhun which contain in itself the cheapest rounds to China, meet in Menlun, the dusty small town several small streets, Loso standing on the bank of the wide river. In Menlun there is no bus station therefore travellers leave the are considerable on the main road where only will like – usually at restaurants and shops in east part of the small town. Having passed through the market that once a day works in the lane running downhill a hill, you in some minutes will leave to a foot suspension bridge over the river. Having paid CNY 35 and having passed to other coast, you will get to the recognizable menlunsky Tropical Botanical garden based in 1959 by the botanist Cai Sitao, devoted to research of life and medicinal characteristics of numerous little-known types of the plants growing in Sishuanbann. One of the beloved of its projects was based on ranozazhivlyayushchy properties of pitch of a tree драконова the blood, actively being used in the Chinese medicine. The tree reminding a yucca with a very narrow stalk and peaked leaves, was gone in China as it was considered to be, at the time of a dynasty Tan. But Cai has found in 1972 in Sishuanbann his wild ancestor and has replaced some plants in a garden. This botanical Chinese garden can be taken away half-day – so many plants here live: from trees драконова blood and plants of rainforests to a 1000-year cycas, palm trees, a bamboo, climbers and low bushes. Ordinary admiration causes in the Chinese guests imperceptible by sight «singing plant» which type rocks in a step to sounding music.
On the district of a garden there is a hotel. It costs on the bank of a pond, and her lodgers can be charmed by a garden in the most picturesque – morning and evening – hours. Many cheap and nothing remarkable personal hotels of China and a hostel are and in the small town. If you want to continue to a meeting the travel and to behold other dostoprimechatlnost of China, it will be necessary to return from a garden on the main road through a main entrance, or to pass in its back zone (in what there is a hotel) where there is an exit to the road on Menl. There it is possible to sit down on the bus passing by going on the southeast.

Personally to look «a spitting plant» the tourists who have ordered rounds to China from Moscow can.

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