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Мэнхай and Chinese-han. Build monuments of China in Menkhaye

Мэнхай and Chinese-han. Build monuments of China in Menkhaye

Мэнхай, Western Sishuanbanna’s main town, has settled down in the centre of the high-mountainous plain, in 55 km from Tszinkhun. From other settlements of Menkhay of this kind differs nothing – the same sad landscape from the kilometre main street and narrow lanes, create which many, carrying-out trips to China could. There is no time it occupied the khan (айни) which after defeat by Thais, should leave to neighbouring mountains (the same fate has thought also the khan of other local settlements). In own mountain small villages the khan, components the ethnic group of Sishuanbanna entering into the population of China second for number, live and to this day, having devoted itself to tea cultivation пуэр, giving red, rather turbid tea leaves and valued from Hong Kong to Tibet for the unique properties – пуэр quickly restores forces and helps to get rid of excess weight. Approximately in 2 km to the East from the tszinkhunsky road the beautiful rural temple has presented a system monuments of China, and in Menkhaye there is a tea factory (excursions tszinkhunsky CITS there will organise). More anything this small town is not remarkable – it is necessary to call in there on the way to remote settlements of Thais and Chinese-han.
The road service station is located on east suburb of the small town. In the same place there is a mosque and some Muslim dining rooms. The bank, mail and personal hotels of China are in the neighbourhood, Banna Hotel hotel is located at the central intersection. The terminal of the minibuses making flights in the western direction, is actually at the city boundaries.

To get acquainted with sights of Menkhay have possibility carrying out rest in China from Chita.

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