Everyday LIFE AND HOUSEHOLD CHORES. Ladies in Turkey, men of Turkey | World travel, tourism and geography 

Everyday LIFE AND HOUSEHOLD CHORES. Ladies in Turkey, men of Turkey

Everyday LIFE AND HOUSEHOLD CHORES. Ladies in Turkey, men of Turkey

Position of the lady in Turkey
Recently Turkish society undergoes constructive configurations. Position of the lady in Turkey became appreciable better: it became more free and independent thanks to availability of the higher education and ample opportunities of employment. In everyday life the main blows of the world round us fall to the share of the man. By tradition, it should be protection and a family support. The lady, in turn, should submit in everything to the man and care of a home. In the village customs and customs of Turkey remain firm, the world of the lady is limited by the house, children and family efforts. But in the city and in the provided circles of the lady can play more essential role in public life. In big cities of the lady simply should work to give to children not bad education and to provide them with all necessary. Work broadens horizons and gives to the lady feeling of currency independence, changes its outlooks on life. Working ladies are proud both the career, and a family. The formed and provided ladies are more independent and actively participate in public life. In general the ladies showing wisdom and a maturity, use bolshushchy respect at colleagues and acquaintances. Modern Turks for fun call these roles «the state minister» and «the minister of zabugorny affairs»: the lady is in charge of housekeeping, and the man is engaged in foreign affairs.
Men of Turkey are not engaged in homework
Men of Turkey usually do not help spouses on the house. The care of reputation of a family is reflected and in its appearance. The house in Turkey and a site adjoining to it contain in ideal purity. Windows in Turkey usually wash once a week, and times and every day. Cleaning and work in cuisine of Turkey — printsipny duties of Turkish ladies. Modern Turkish women make the main purchases in supermarkets, but at least once a week they try to get out on the market to get fresh vegetables and fruit. Such markets arrange in different days in different districts of the city: a part of streets block and place on their stalls and tents. Not including that, actually at every turn there is a mini-supermarket or the small grocery shop called «баккал». Usually they work to 21. 00-22. 00. If on the ground floor of your house is баккал, you can make purchases during travel to Turkey in the unusual way: lower from a window on a rope a basket with a note in what everything is designated that it is necessary for you. After the dealer will combine products in a basket, involve it upward. Everything, purchases are made!

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