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Warsaw. Centre. Sredmestye.

Warsaw. Centre. Sredmestye.

Centre of Warsaw.

From the Old city Sredmestye stretches to Lazenka’s park – the centre of Warsaw if you travel in round on Poland, broken in two Royal darling which lasts from Zamkova Square to the Vilyanovsky palace. Along the first part of Korolevskaya Road – the Krakow suburb – the most ancient structures were built. Among other baroque churches the church of sisters-vizitandinok with columns and statues on a facade is allocated; this one of few Warsaw buildings which have escaped during the 2nd world war.

Structures of the Warsaw institute.

The huge part of the Krakow suburb is occupied by structures of the Warsaw institute; their number includes some remarkable baroque palaces and the church of the Sacred Cross destroyed during the Warsaw revolt. To a photo of a statue of the Christ among ruins became a symbol of sufferings of Warsaw. In a column on the left side of a nave the ballot box with Chopin heart is immured. To the South from institute Nova Street lasts Is sacred with expensive shops and cafe. On al. Jerozolimskie is the Municipal museum (W, ср and pt-vs 10. 00-16. 00, чт 10. 00-18. 00; 11 zt, сб are gratuitous) where it is possible to behold impressing collection of impressionist painting of the period «Young Poland» and Christian frescos of the VIII-XIII centuries.

Marszalkowska Street.

Marszalkowska Street crossing the Jerusalem avenues (Aleje Jerozolimskie) is located to the West from a museum. Over all okrugy the Palace of culture and sciences – a Stalin gift to Poles from which they could not be released towers. There is a conference hall, offices, theatres, night clubs, cinemas, swimming pools and a casino. Basketball platforms which will be transformed in the winter to a free skating rink are outside located. From an observation deck on the thirtieth floor (ежедн. 9. 00-18. 00; 18 g \) reveal a fine panorama of the city from height of bird’s flight.

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