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Shanghai. Independent travel to China – on what and how it is better to go?

Shanghai. Independent travel to China – on what and how it is better to go?

Independent travel to China – we choose the most successful excursion means of transport

Having decided to take off from Shanghai by plane, keep in mind that you cannot use train маглев if your flight falls on early morning or the late evening. Travel to China through Shanghai can be made several means of transport.
By train.
Office in Shanghai in what tickets on жд transport of China (ежедн are on sale.; 07. 00-21. 00; sale of tickets only on the trains going on the same day or next day) – both in couchette cars, and in compartment – is available in a waiting room with easy chairs of the head station. An office on sale of tickets to foreigners (ежедн.; 07. 00-17. 30 and 18. 00-21. 00), making independent travel to China, it is open in the hall of Longmen Hotel located in several minutes of walking in the western direction from the area near the station. Tickets in 4 days prior to train departure – generally to Nanjing and Hangchow, also in compartment cars of the trains following to such huge centres, as Beijing or Guangzhou there are on sale. To get tickets one week prior to departure it is possible in CITS offices in Pacific Hotel on Nanjing Xi LU Or In the Shanghai centre on Jinling Dong Lu. Both work ежедн. 08. 30-11. 30 and 13. 00-16. 45. For services we are raised small duty.
By bus.
Occupied пт from Shanghai it is more convenient to reach some by buses. They are slightly cheaper than trains, and in them practically always there are empty seats. Personal buses to settlements in the Provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang go from the terminal on the western suburb of the area near the station, but tickets for them on the prices do not concede жд. Besides, cost of excursions in China in many respects depends both on a route, and from an excursion means of transport. To get tickets it is possible in cash desk on this terminal or in a booth slightly to the south of a museum of Shanghai. From Qiujiang Lu road service station автоусы go to Hangchow and to the cities of Jiangsu. Fare in them even more applicable, though public transport less comfortable, than personal buses of China. Buses to some settlements of the Shanghai municipality depart from road service station of Sitsyu (the bus No. 113 from жд the station) or from an anonymous stop on Shanxi Nan Lu (Shanxi Nan Lu), near Venkhuaguanchan, slightly to the south of Fuxing Lu. Journey in such buses is paid in the salon after landing.

Tourist route across China? romantic travel on water

We advise to you to consider also travel option on water. Tickets for vessels cost not much, and travel conditions quite often appear better, than by train. However, the number of ferry flights is moderately reduced because of small demand. Information on all routes, and the schedule of departure of vessels and ferries it is possible to receive the prices of tickets for them by phone 021/63260050. Tourist rest in China with excursions on water quite often is chosen by the newly-married couple for a malekhanky honeymoon trip.
To get tickets for internal and international flights it is possible in any travel agency (the commission is raised) or in a special office on sale of tickets (ежедн.; 07. 00-11. 30 and 12. 00-17. 00), Jinling Dong Lu located in a southwest part and the Gang. On cash desk there is no sign in English, but the entrance in it is strictly opposite to CITS office on Jinling Dong Lu. The first class ticket guarantees to you путешествиев comfortable aspects, not more awfully, than what personal hotels of China offer? in a two-place cabin with comfortable beds and a wash basin. Having bought the cheapest ticket, you risk to float in a six-seater or ten-local cabin where light is not switched off all night long. Tickets to Putoshanya are on sale in the special ticket office belonging to the personal operator. Vessels sail every evening in 20. 00 also arrive into place in 8. 00th mornings of the next day. Tickets stand from V100 to V370. High-speed vessels (4 h. (Y195-225) go to ways) every morning. Such excursion route across China not only is very comfortable, well and впечатляющ beauty of east nature
By sea it is possible to reach and Osaka and Kobe in the Country of a rising sun and to Inchon (the Seoul port) in Korea. Tickets are on sale in an office on the 18th floor of Jin’an Dasha hotel on Darning Dong Lu, 908 (021/63257642). Tickets for the vessels floating to Japan, stand on the floor from V1300 (a tatami in a many-placed cabin) to V6500 (a cabin of the first class). The return ticket is more expensive twice. The vessels plying to Inchon (U600-1600), strike with comfortableness – on all there are spotless, comfortable cabins, saunas and discos; only grasp with itself food – restaurants there very expensive.

Information for zabugorny tourists? it is dependent on what type of an excursion trip you will choose, the price for rounds to China from Chelyabinsk will essentially differ.

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