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Khan el-Halili markets. The main lines of culture of old Egypt in modern trade

Khan el-Halili markets. The main lines of culture of old Egypt in modern trade

Floor space of Egypt
Quarter of Khan el-Halili is first, a floor space of Egypt. And so it was moved from the Middle Ages. Not including Sundays when the most part of shops are closed, in its markets all is on sale – from spices to silk. Here it is told first about sights. More to learn about trade, dealers and purchases, address to the section "Purchases". As a whole all local markets heading a rating of sights of Egypt, it is possible to connect under Khan el-Halili imenovaniye – by name Khalil, the inspector of stables who has based here a caravanserai in 1382. But the Khan quite compact, it is limited by el-Hussein, Shary al-Muizz and Muska’s mosque, with 2 medieval lanes (Sikket al-Bades-tan and Sikket Khan el-Halili), conducting through internal building of quarter similar to a labyrinth. Behind the majority of benches workshops or warehouses are located. Specialisation of separate parts of the market is still observed, though is not so strict, as in former times. Workshops of jewellers, goldsmiths and a bench of souvenirs and antiques are generally concentrated along streets which have kept some arches and walls since мамлюков. If you trading tourism Egypt the prices for products you pleasantly interests will surprise.
Vacation spots in Egypt – known cafe
When you will be tired to wander around, find eminent vacation spots in Egypt. Dive into Fishavi’s through one of the passes departing from Muska or from the area. This known cafe, which age is given out by plaster with spots from tobacco and the cracked gilt mirrors, was never closed, neither in the afternoon nor at night, in an extent more than 2 centuries. Very picturesque place where it is possible to savour mint tea to test шиша and to listen to the latest news from which it is possible to learn about rest in the winter in Egypt the prices for hotels. Going to the South from Muska along Shary al-Muizz, you will get on Bitches al-Atta-rin, or the Market of spices where without considering some ordinary seasonings pounded dried fruit and flowers are on sale. At the corner of the same street behind the vests hanged on boards and галабийя, there is a Madrasah of sultan al-Ashrafa Barsbey which has established the state monopoly for trade in spices and has raised thus funds for capture of Cyprus in 1426. Not essentially what Egypt card with sights depicts this place.
The main lines of culture of old Egypt in trade
Shariya Sanadiky (departs from Shary al-Muizz) will bring you on the Perfumery market – a dark, fragrant labyrinth which from time to time name Bitches el Sudan because the most part of aromas arrives from this country. Average air temperatures in Egypt allow aromas not to lose own characteristics in the market. In last century the bedekerovsky guidebook «Guide for travellers *» also mentioned «tarry nuts of an unknown tree» and «badly tanned tiger skin» among the goods. Mamlyuksky sultans, observing the main lines of culture of old Egypt, appointed mukhtasib for supervision of the prices, weight and quality of the goods. Possessing abilities to impose penalties and to subject to corporal punishments, it also was responsible for public morals – «allowing to enjoy that is correct, and forbidding unworthy». 1st Lane departing on it is left from Shary Sanadiky, conducts up on a ladder from several steps in a tiny tupichok. This is Zukak al-Midakk, or Midakk Lane which was immortalised by Naguib Mahfouz in the novel of the same name, later here on its motives the film has been shot. The index on the street is not present, it is in tiny cafe Egypt (which simply not to behold). There you will ask, whether you wish it to photograph, – certainly, for a baksheesh.

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