Municipal park – Millie Parky, restaurants of Turkey | World travel, tourism and geography 

Municipal park – Millie Parky, restaurants of Turkey

Municipal park - Millie Parky, restaurants of Turkey

To travel on municipal parks of Turkey it is better on an individual transport, for example, a jeep. But it is possible to lease such "all-terrain vehicle" and as it is possible to take an interest, how many there is a taxi in Turkey. So, the turn signal to Millie Parky’s national park, also to Selge’s ruins is on the route 400 on 48 km to the East from Antalya. Behind the village Saggyrynkyoyu there is a turn on is left through the river, but it is necessary for you to pass further and to move directly on the asphalted road conducting to the village Beshkonak (Beskonak). On a fork curtail on it is left, and soon you will get to the first of 2 ancient Roman bridges through the river which Oluk (Oluk) is called. Here you can put the car on a parking and walk on the gorge on own two. In 13 km from there is Selge to whom from a fork behind the bridge the right road conducts. Return on the west bank of the river. At the second bridge which Byogryum (Bogriim) is called, the wide and very popular platform among vacationers for picnics with a place for bathing settles down. There are 2-3 more fish restaurants in what prepare a trout – fine restaurants of Turkey which it is possible to call among the best pubs of the country, and some boarding houses slightly further. If it is honest, local ancient Roman bridges do not represent anything the most interesting and not enough than differ from the hundred same bridges scattered across all Turkey so the main sights of Turkey in the gorge Kyopryulya is its unique nature and extreme conditions of the road. So it most likely rest in Turkey for youth.

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