Taxi. A taxi in Thailand – classical cars and trishaws

Taxi. A taxi in Thailand - classical cars and trishaws

Taxi in Thailand are cheap (though in Katmandu, say, is even cheaper), but the driver can be released to carry you to rush hours, without wishing to stand idle in a stopper («A mouth a board» «Let’s get to a stopper» politely it will apologise).
Hotel taxi, usually, more комфортабельны, well and more expensive. But the personnel willingly will explain to the driver where you should be brought, for those who vpervy makes travel to Thailand this conclusive advantage!
Three-wheeled trishaws (a samlor, the motorised option туктук) – very widespread means of transport in Thailand, they are cheaper than four-wheel taxi, but more slowly and are less safe. But it is a fine means of transport for travel on the silent streets not dammed by cars. The fare is better for slandering to a trip.

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