Kyutahya and its vicinities. Restaurants. Dishes of Turkey

Кютахья and its vicinities. Restaurants. Dishes of Turkey

Restaurants of Kyutakhyi. Try to descend in located about Lise Cad 7 Cinar Kofte where for two dishes you should pay so not enough that you will not believe yourselves. At Kervan restaurant which is in Ataturk Bulvan end, also there is a good choice of cheap dishes of Turkey, and in Cardano Gullari on the back the areas (Cumhuriyet Cad 14) prepare excellent for the pita, appropriate to cuisine of Turkey. Eventually, in Inci Pastamesi (Ataturk Bulvan 11) you can indulge yourselves with chocolate cakes, and having crossed the road, to drink beer in one of popular bars. Not including that, on a main square the unlimited quantity tea where the local youth likes to spend time settles down. To spend summer in Turkey it is very tempting. On the huge company of friends it is possible to rent the house in Turkey.

We offer rounds to Turkey from Ukraine.

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