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Restaurants and cafe. Food in Egypt not available, but qualitative

All tourists should know that the prices in Egypt not everywhere the high. Though, for example, in Naam there are no really cheap places where it is possible to eat and drink, and that it is accepted to call cheap, it is possible to consider such only relatively. On the other hand, Food in Egypt quite high characteristics if you love kitchen of hotel type which varies from Egyptian and Italian to Japanese and Thai. The prices are usually higher in coastal institutions where each hotel offers, on the last measure, one restaurant ashore, also the street lengthways leaving deep into from outer side of Sanafir and Camel Dive Club hotels – both these a site are filled by vacationers and Egyptians – for-shvalami. If municipal cuisine of Egypt to you yet very much, come into the Italian restaurant Egypt Hilton or fish restaurant in Bedovin Camp in the Spark bay. For snack and desserts go to Jolie Ville bakery on the northern end of the street near McDonald’s, behind sweet and viscous delicacies and espresso (9 pounds). On a question "what to bring from Egypt", people, pobyvayshy зотя time in this country, answer: fruit and sweets.

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