Shanghai. How many there is a public transport of China?

Shanghai. How many there is a public transport of China?

Shanghai underground? the main sight of China during the latest time

If you go to trips to China without the aid of others, and in Shanghai are not connected by the severe schedule of excursion round, surely go down to the local underground. Spotless, fast and comfortable Shanghai underground (ежедн.; 05. 50-23. 00) now has three strips; construction of several more lines is conducted. The futuristic design the Shanghai underground reminds the Hong Kong MTR underground – both systems have been developed by one company. The line 1 lasts from head жд the station, in plans of the Shanghai government in the near future to prolong it for the North (so that near an exit from metro station there was the Chinese park of Zhenmin and the Museum of Shanghai), and turns on the West, along Huaihai Lu later. The line 2 begins from Chzhunshan in the West where it incorporates to the line 3, is crossed with the line 1 at Renmin Park station and continues the way under the river to Huanp to Pudun. One more, very beautiful line of the underground in Shanghai draws to herself attention of tourists, as any main sight of China. This land line 3 (The pearl line) is delayed the southwest on the northeast, bending around a northwest arch of border of the city centre. Tickets stand from CNY 2 to CNY 3 is dependent on distance and are on sale in machine guns where it is possible to get also the card on some trips for CNY 50. Consider that in English and even on пиньине at stations of the Shanghai underground it is not enough indexes.

Enterprising taxi drivers in China

Local buses all land transport of China submits to the same schedule, as, ply on all city with 04. 00 to 22. 30. But they go копотливо and are always overflowed by passengers (in particular in rush hours), stops are removed from each other, and only few routes cross the city since the 1st end on another, it though cheap, but, in this city, perhaps, the most inconvenient public transport of China. Fare in ordinary buses – CNY 1, in buses with кондюками – CNY 2. Conductors in salons of buses sell them.
The taxi in the city is a lot of, and if you are not under strained circumstances, it is the most successful means of transport: trips within the city manage in CNY 20-40 at a tariff for landing in Y10 (at night – CNY 13). However, few taxi drivers say in English therefore it is better to write in advance on a sheet of paper the place name where you wish to reach, in Chinese. Some taxi drivers can carry you district, longer, a route. But, if you sit down ahead and will hold the card on own knees, whether they is sensitive will go on deception. Consider also that late night taxi drivers in China often disconnect the counter therefore stipulate trip cost when landing in the car or demand, that the taxi driver has included it. The taxi driver can ask also you, whether you agree to go on the elevated highway – цзоу гао цзя – to rush hour. It reduces time in a way, but extends a distance in kilometres, such trip will cost dearer.

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