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Medan el-Hussein. The main national holidays of Egypt

Medan el-Hussein. The main national holidays of Egypt

The most beautiful mosques of Egypt
Medan el-Hussein surrounded with an eclectic construction mix, is the area centre. To the North there is a yellowish-brown building of a mosque of Egypt of Sayidna el-Hussein where on solemn occasions the president of Egypt and other officials pray; this sacred place inaccessible for not of Muslims. Cold marble, green and silver internal furniture of a mosque protect an Islamic relic: Hussein’s head. The modern history of Egypt remembers that the grandson of prophet Mohammed Hussein has been killed in Iraq in 680 by Omeyadami which have been recognised earlier by Mohammed’s successors contrary to claims of his son-in-law Ali, father Hussein whom they have killed. This race for power proceeding from generation to generation in the caliphate has led to split in Islam. The most part of Muslims – Sunnites («going on the way») – not only recognised the caliphate, well and forbade to take a place of the Caliph to someone from Ali’s descendants. On the contrary, Shiites making minority («Ali’s defenders») refused to recognise as the Caliph someone, not including Ali’s descendants, and esteemed Hussein as the martyr. Fortunately, the modern religion of Egypt has tried to solve this old dispute.
National holidays of Egypt: Great night
Mainly in Sunni Egypt it, after all, is considered popular sacred, honoured flush with Sayida Zeynab, the granddaughter of the prophet. Will choose rounds to Egypt for a week to behold traditional festivities. Annual маулид Hussein is one of huge holidays of Cairo – two weeks of manifestations of religious devotion and national honouring reach the culmination in «Great night» (Leyla кебира) the last Wednesday of Muslim month of Rabi al-Thani. The award суфиев arranges procession with banners and drums. As well as on other national holidays of Egypt, music sounds all night long in the middle of crowd of kairets and феллахов from the Delta (each of rural communities has own cafe and a doss house in the neighbourhood). Medan el-Hussein serves as the main arena for Maulid al-Nabi, Ade al-Adkha festivals, Ramadan and Ade al-Fitr who are also noteworthy. The room with a balcony in El-Husseyn hotel gives a fine point of the review, but do not count that you will manage to fall asleep. Music will reach even in the VIP of hotel of Egypt. Voices муэдзинов, being distributed with the shined neon lamps (including green "Allakhi") minarets and strengthened by means of modern means, will wake you at a dawn even in ordinary day of year.

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