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For Menkhayem to burmese border.

For Menkhayem to burmese border.

Buses from China to burmese border
The main roads from Menkhaya last on the southwest to Has given also burmese border and on the northwest from Sishuanbanna towards the Lantsansky region. In an hour of driving on the northwest road there are most known Buddhist monuments behind line of Menkhaya. Among them – Baytszyaotin (Octagonal pavilion), decorating located in 20 km from Menkhaya Jin-Zheng, and the Buddhist temple Manley in removed from Tszinchzhenya on 5 km of Menchzhe. Both monuments show not so successful copies of more starenky structures, but are famous for the valuable collections of the Buddhist manuscripts written on a palm fibre. Crowning hill top unusual Baytszyaotin has been constructed in the eighteenth century for the sake of destruction of malicious wasps. To Menchzhe during the day buses from China quite often go, and it is possible to spend the night there in a small hostel near malls. But we advise to you тормознуть on a lodging for the night in located in 10 km to the southwest to Sidina in whom the brisk market every Thursday works.
For acquaintance to way of life the khan best of all approaches lying in 30 km to the southeast from Menkhaya Gelankhe where is available hosted. The huge part of the population of Gelankhe is made by Thais and long-haired акха, relating to the subgroup the khan occupying lands to Menlyan and Symao. As well as representatives of other communities the khan, unmarried ladies акха carry inimitable scenery in hairdresses, and widows hide hair under the hoods decorated with silver beads and coins. Walk to mountains over
Гэланхэ, by the lake and a set of ordinary wood small villages акха, delivers to you a lot of pleasure, but locals are very timid.
Live history of the Buddhism in China
To meet representatives to a meeting of several ethnic minority it is possible in the tiny settlement Menkhun located in 25 km from Menkhaya on the road in Has given. In its Sunday market opening at a dawn and working in the forenoon, inhabitants of all blizkoraspolozhenny villages side by side trade, forgetting about the distinctions caused by their ethnic origin. We advise to you to arrive in Menkhun the day before and to spend the night here – then you can walk around in pleasure to the market, while from Tszinkhun (in a way about 9 h.) there will not arrive shumlivy tourist groups. Two local hotels such as a hostel – one on the main street (look for the index in English), and another in 75 m are more left, on the road conducting on the South, to fields – do poor reminiscence. As compensation for the night spent in discomfortable aspects the picturesque human mosaic – ladies the khan will serve in the headdresses decorated with silver beads, буланы with heavy earrings in ears and big black turbans, inhabitants of the remote mountain small villages in black clothes and with starenky sawn-off shotguns… Most of all, vobshchy, in this raznoliky weight, will be the Thais buying in the market rolls of handicraft paper and саронги. It is necessary to examine and Menkhun. Its main sights are a dilapidated monastery of the nineteenth century with the pavilion constructed in style of octagonal Baytsyaz-otin in Tszinchzhen, and the pagoda which has hidden in a bamboo jackpot on blizkoraspolozhenny hills.
Live history of the Buddhism in China
The next local temple has settled down in a nizinka to the South, in that place where, according to a legend, the small river on Shakyamuni’s order has changed the direction.
The 50-kilometre asphalted road from Menkhunya passes turn on the South, aside Bulanshanya, and the forest area occupied by a nomadic narodets, to the "found" only in the late eighties, and comes to an end in the small town Has given (on a route of Menkhay – Has given once a day two buses), standing at the most burmese border ply. Local sight – a huge fig tree about several trunks, numerous which elevated roots form whole "wood". The bridge has rather new, white hotel. and the daily frontier market is aimed on the Chinese shuttles, coming boundaries 11. 00 and 13. 00. Citizens of China can receive the two-hour visa to Burma, and on the way back they need the visa to China – for nephrite purchase though, actually, many of them cross border only for the sake of show of the transvestites who are arranging specially for them, – pay attention to a photo in windows of tszinkhunsky pro-attendance laboratories.

Behold a huge fig tree the ordered rounds China Moscow can.

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