DRINKS. Soft drinks. Among drinks of Thailand tea | World travel, tourism and geography 

DRINKS. Soft drinks. Among drinks of Thailand tea

DRINKS. Soft drinks. Among drinks of Thailand tea

If you go to Thailand, information on the country will be not superfluous. Thais very much love tea (to us ча). Usually it is jasmine tea which drink spotless, without adding some milk and sugar. But you can order and tea with milk. Tea plantations in the north of the country are cultivated here more than 3 decades. Намча рон – hot tea so is called. However, it often submit with ice (намча ён), is more rare with ordinary water (to us плау).
Thais drink coffee black or with the condensed milk. Hot coffee in Thai language is called as cafe рон, coffee with ice – олианг, and instant coffee – cafe is not present. The last is to the taste to the western tourists more often. Ordinary coffee is grown up in the south of the country and usually mixes up with chicory.
Water in bottles (кхуат) is available to us in many hotels of Thailand. Everywhere you will find also world famous soft drinks of Thailand. Freshly squeezed lime (a lemon version) juice (to us манау) or orange juice (to us a catfish) operate very osvezhayushche though of you can and make a fool, having poured juice from a bottle.

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