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Infrastructure to Menlun. Those benefits that the economy of China at present

allows Infrastructure to Menlun. Those benefits that the economy of China at present

Chinese business. Communications and transport
Airlines. Airline office «Yunnan Eyre» (Yunnan Air; 0691/2124774; ежедн.; 08. 00-20. 00), selling tickets for flights of the company for Kunming and Litszyan, it is located at the corner of Tszinde-silu (Jingde Xi Lu) and to Minkhanla (Minhang Lu). Flights to Chiang Mai and Bangkok make planes of the Tkhay Erveys company (Thai Airways) which office is at the corner to Minkhanla (0691/2121881; пн. – пт.; 09. 00-18. 00). Banks and currency exchange. On currency exchange which the economy of China at present allows, it is possible to make operations in the 3rd offices «Bank оф Chayna» – on Tszinkhunnanla (Jinghong Nan Lu), Tszindesila (Jingde Xi Lu) and Galanla (Galan Lu) – opened with пн. on пт. with 08. 00 to 18. 00; on сб. with 08. 00 to 11. 30 and with 15:00 to 18. 00. In all there are ATMs. At other o’clock to cash traveler’s checks it is possible in Xishuanbanna Binguan hotel and other big hotels of the city, small personal hotels of China will not promote you in it.
Hire of bicycles. Services of hire of city and mountain bicycles (Y20-30 in day plus the pledge, which size is established by employees of hire) are available at Mei Mei’s and Forest Cafe cafe.
Hospital. The provincial hospital (Provincial Hospital) is in the bottom end of Galanla Street. One more clinic and a drugstore are located in the neighbourhood with Xishuanbanna Binguan hotel.
Internet. The unlimited quantity of an Internet cafe is concentrated on Mantinla (Manting Lu) in what the leading Chinese Internet provider serves. Laundry. The cheapest laundries of service in the city are open at zabugorny cafes.
Mail and phones. Главпочтамт (ежедн.; 08. 00-20. 30) with service poste restante and long-distance telephone trunk-call пт settles down at the corner to Tszinkhunbeyla (Jinghong Bei Lu) and Tszinkhunsila (Jinghong Xi Lu). Massage. The masseurs dressed in white clothes practise in the evenings on the central site Galanla in an afternoon. In Ganlankh the fitness centres of China are also located. PSB PSB office (F0691/2130366; пн. – пт.; 07. 00-11. 30 and 15. 00-17. 30) is on Jing-hundunlu (Jinghong Dong Lu), through the road from park to Ganlankh – be guided on a sign in English.
The main lines of culture of China on show-windows of shops
Shops. Behind everyday purchases go to perfectly supplied department stores concentrated in the city centre. On Chzhuankhunla (Zhuanghong Lu), the narrow small street, lasting boundaries to Galanla and Tszinkhunbeyla, the market of arts and crafts on which the Burmans trading in pearls, nephrite, bright knickknacks, carved products from an ivory, Thai and burmese products manage works. And on the easternmost tip of this small street you will find Tszinkhun’s brightest little shop in what traditional suits акха, authentic clothes for young men from China are on sale. His owner – ethnic акха – will not miss option to practise communication with you in English, discussing the Chinese business. The city market opened on the easternmost tip to Tszindela, near an office «Yunnan Eyre», will strike you with an abundance of products and textile products, and in little shops on Mantinla you are waited by different Thai souvenir knickknacks and scenery. Travel agencies. Tourist’s bureaus at Tszinkhun’s hotels offer guests a standard set of one-day excursions in Has given on burmese border, in the Botanical garden in Menlun, on falls Mandyan, to the Menlunsky region, on the Sunday market in Menkhun and from time to time) to the reserve Sanchakhe. The Chinese currency for payment of these excursions is necessary to you in a range from Y100 to Y200. More unique rounds accompanied by guides, including swimming by the ferry in Menkhan and Thailand, offer agencies in Mei Mei’s and Forest Cafe cafe. The wide choice of rounds on mountain великах waits for you in "Sishuanbann Eksplorers Klab" (Sishuanbanna Explorers Club) on Tszindedunla (0691/2120125).

Closer learn infrastructure Tszinkhanya the ordered rounds to China from Yekaterinburg can.

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