Italy. Main data. Means of communication. | World travel, tourism and geography 

Italy. Main data. Means of communication.

Italy. Main data. Means of communication.

Means of communication.

Post offices are open in pn-pt with 8. 00 to 18. 30; in the cities there are the offices working in сб. Brands can be got in tobacco booths (tabac-chi); if you wish, that your letters have reached home even your return, ask posfa prioritaria. To use the call box, it is necessary to get a telephone card (scheda telefonica) for 5/10 euros in tobacco or a newsstand. By all calls – local, interregional and international – it is necessary to gather all numbers, including a zone code. For obtaining the expensive reference by phone type numbers 176 (international) and 412-3 (internal). In the majority occupied пт there will be at least one institution where it is possible to receive Internet access. Tariffs vary from 3 euros at an o’clock in the south to 10 euros in the huge cities. To visit Italy it is possible having used round.

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