Istanbul and it окрестности.Стамбул.Султанахмет.Султанахмет Dzhamy: Blue mosque. If you museums of Turkey interest, visit a known blue mosque of Turkey | World travel, tourism and geography 

Istanbul and it окрестности.Стамбул.Султанахмет.Султанахмет Dzhamy: Blue mosque. If you museums of Turkey interest, visit a known blue mosque of Turkey

Istanbul and it окрестности.Стамбул.Султанахмет.Султанахмет Dzhamy: Blue mosque. If you museums of Turkey interest, visit a known blue mosque of Turkey

Blue mosque of Turkey
Is unreal to be for a long time on the Hippodrome and not guide attention on Sultanakhmet Dzhamiya, or the Blue mosque of Turkey which is to the southeast from it. Even if to present impossible that this structure will not impress you in the sizes, undoubtedly, you irritating young people who will offer itself as the guide will force to get accustomed to it. Despite the world glory, Sultanakhmet — it not that place where it is possible to create taste to east interiors. Pluses of this mosque are more quick not the architecture and originality, and its sizes and availability to survey. If you accept the prices for a taxi in Turkey, you can reach the Blue mosque on the car. Its construction in 1609 has begun with refusal of the plan of construction of a mosque with six minarets. Critics argued that, in – 1-x, is more useless to compete quantity of minarets to a mosque in Mecca, and in – 2-x, such bolshushchy building will seriously devastate the state treasury. But, most likely, need to take down some palaces of ministers on which place construction was planned was g the lavny precondition of objections. Outside a building, obligatory, excellent, in particular if to approach to it from the smart party, from a palace of Topkapy which is on the back the Hippodrome. Impressing the strapper from a grey stone dokhodno it is located at hill top, it is visible from everywhere including from the last floors of big hotels of Turkey located at distance in some miles, and it is simply recognizable thanks to the 6 minarets. Above yard level the mosque represents mass of domes and dome-shaped towers among which hardly can be to find at least one straight line. In a yard, same impressing, as well as the mosque, and surrounded with gallery with 30 malekhanky domes, is best of all to come through a beautiful, smart western portal. If you arrive to Turkey in September, can pass through a yard, despite inscriptions on German and English that tourists demand to use an entrance from outside Aja Sofia. Unlike groups, single guests here will not prevent. Vobshchem, it concerns only correctly dressed guests: hands and feet should be closed both at young men, and at ladies, and it is required to ladies besides a scarf on the head. In any case it is impossible to come nearer and disturb making a Mohammedan prayer. If you try to enter from a lateral entrance, you will inevitably face big mass of tourists.
Internally furniture of a known museum of Turkey
In a structure four tower is disproportionate massive columns of 5 metres in a diameter, called for the sizes "elephant". They dominate in internal space and seem the squeezed external walls, blocking itself all parts of a room. The main sight of a mosque is blue colour of its interiors, from where and the name the Blue mosque has gone. Need of production more than 20 thousand tiles has almost completely exhausted stocks of clay of Iznik, and at present tourists in Turkey can behold here unsurpassed samples of an izniksky tile of bright, spotless tones, with abstract drawings and panels with flowers and trees. It is a pity that they are heavy for considering in a darkish room, and best of them who are on galleries, in general are completely blocked by arches and columns. In a northern corner of a complex there is an ornated, elegant royal pavilion to which conducts an inclined foot ramp. On this ramp conducting in a sultan box, the sultan once approached on own place in a mosque astride a horse. In royal pavilion there is a Museum of carpets (Hali Miizesi, is open from W on сб, 9. 00-16. 00; price of the entrance ticket of 2YTL). The museum of Turkey traces century history of Turkish carpets and stores some old, invaluable copies. If you come on rest in the summer to Turkey, the prices for some actions will pleasantly surprise you. From May 1 to September 30 in park between the Blue mosque and Aja Sofia every 2nd evening in 19. 30 free audio-video shows begin. Under musical accompaniment on structures surrounding park the images which display is accompanied by comments in English, French, Turkish and German languages are projected. To chagrin, not including tourists this action involves bolshushchy number wishing to earn additionally on visitors, locals of Turkey.

The trip to Turkey from Ufa will give you only pleasant memoirs from summer holiday.

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