Dunbey Dandun: the Chinese sights with the Korean bias | World travel, tourism and geography 

Dunbey Dandun: the Chinese sights with the Korean bias

Dunbey Dandun: the Chinese sights with the Korean bias

The sad port which has got lost in a corner of the Province of Liaoning there is no time, in a place of a confluence of the Yalu Jiang River (the river to Yala) to the Yellow Sea, at present Dandun, represents the charming small town in what there are also Chinese sights. On days off with all the district Chinese here are flown down to have a rest and take a look at border and Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – on the turnaround river bank there is a faceless Korean city of Sinyydzhu (Sinyichzhou in Chinese). Come to Dandun and the southern Koreans – to look at own northern neighbours behind the river. How many there is a trip to China for them – not clearly. Foreigners are pulled here by desire to behold the memorials devoted to defence of the communistic neighbour of China from imperialists in the course of the Korean war. Generally, Dandun absolutely deserves to arrive here for a weekend from Beijing or тормознуть for couple of days on the way on the northeast. From Dandunya with comfort also to leave to the natural reserve Shanbayshan.
Printsipny plans of local authorities include carrying out the highway and an underwater network of tunnels into the sea which will allow to use жд transport of China for the message with Beijing and (through Korea) with Tokyo. However, all plans assuming a role of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, at the best are speculative. As well as that shortly there will be best hotels of China. Discussions re-embodying Sinyydzhu in a zone of free trade, some years but if the Chinese businessmen already actively found the small markets on the coast Yalu Jiang are conducted, the economy on other river bank remains sickly and inefficient.

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