Hut. The best city of Turkey and the best hotels of Turkey. Perge-gorod in city walls | World travel, tourism and geography 

Hut. The best city of Turkey and the best hotels of Turkey. Perge-gorod in city walls

Hut. The best city of Turkey and the best hotels of Turkey. Perge-gorod in city walls

Hut – the best city of Turkey for tourists
Hut it is possible to accept as the best city of Turkey for rest if you are rather enamoured of an antiquity, and to wander on the ruins numbering 10-ki of centuries, you great pleasure. Vobshchem, it and fine rest in Turkey for youth which always loves all unusual and ancient. And here it is enough of it. So, the remains of the walls constructed by Selevkidami, provide guidance on the sizes and city map. Directly before external gate there is a tomb of the patron Perge Plantsy Magna, whose name meets on many inscriptions found in the city. Having entered into the 1st city gate, on the right you will see the Byzantian basilica (Byzantine basilica). Behind it there is an agora (agora) of the IV century with the temple in the centre. To the southwest from an agora there are dug-out Roman baths (Roman baths) with several pools. On the marble floor covered with cracks a frigidariya (the pool with cold water), a tepidariya (the pool with warm water) and a kaldariya (the pool with hot water) by means of indexes it is possible to find, as baths looked earlier. It is also possible to make out and support from bricks which supported floors with heating system settling down under them, gipokausty. Russian tourists in Turkey consider, usually, ancient baths with special addiction. The bath for us is something special and always esteemed. But the inhabitant of Turkey is unaffected by them more quickly, but it does not prevent it to use any antiquities of the country for extraction of additional profit – finally for the tourist there is more expensive rest in Turkey.
The best hotels of Turkey, where to you with comfort
In a northwest corner of an agora there are Hellenistic gate (Hellenistic Gate) with 2 round, massive towers. This unique structure which has remained here from the Hellenistic period. Behind gate the podkovoobrazny yard and the arch pass decorated with an ornament with pedestals for statues are located constructed on Plantsiya Magna’s donations. During excavation which were carried out here among the 1950th, the unlimited quantity of such pedestals has been found in the city. The 300-metre street with columns (colonnaded street), the channel with water in the centre and shops on its both parties – such real estate of Turkey preserved forever on the coast further begins. On plates of the old street are perfectly appreciable a track, beaten out once vehicles and chariots. Under capitals of columns reliefs are appreciable, on one of them Apollo, on other — the person in a toga, pouring something on an altar is represented. At the end of the street the fountain decorated with an ornament, nimfy (nymphaeum) from which water flows directly to the canal in the street centre is located. There is an acropolis (acropolis) above. Perhaps, earlier on its place there was a strengthened settlement. To the West from an intersection before the nimfey there is палестра (palaestra) of 50 AD, a round platform for run, fight, disk throwings etc. Its mission have determined by an inscription on its southern wall. To the West from here archeologists have found a necropolis (necropolis) being before other city gate which sarcophagi are stored at present in an archaeological museum in Antalya. "Travelling" on perge-city ruins, do not forget about food and rest, and selecting for itself hotel, be guided by an ordinary rule: the best hotels of Turkey where to you it is more comfortable. Almost always the price here does not play a special role, and the most expensive hotel in Turkey can be not the best.

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