Yangzi Hefeys pool. Many tourists in China choose personally routes to China | World travel, tourism and geography 

Yangzi Hefeys pool. Many tourists in China choose personally routes to China

Yangzi Hefeys pool. Many tourists in China choose personally routes to China

Tourists in China use many means of transport
The Logan airport is approximately in 11 km from the city of Hefei; aeroportovsky buses go to SAAS office (ежедн.; 08. 00-22. 00) on Meylindadao (Meiling Dadao). The city station connected жд by lines with Bochzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hsiamen and Beijing, is located in 3 km to the northeast from the centre of Hefei, at the end of Shanley-lu (Shengli Lu). According to Shenlil and further on Chantszyanla (Changjiang Lu) the bus No. 119 goes to the city centre. Tourists in China can get the ticket for a train it is possible at the station or in cash desk on Meylindadao, slightly to the south of an intersection about Chantszyanla.
The main road service station of Hefei located on Minyuanla (Minguang Lu), provides the message with all occupied пт Anhui and the capitals of adjoining provinces. Nearby, on Shenlila, there are stations of the minibuses repeating many routes of China of regular buses – at departure be vigilant to sit down on suitable flight.
To Progulkaipotulitsa Chantszyanl
Osnovnaya Street of Hefei – to Chantszyanla (Changjiang Lu). On it there are all establishments necessary to tourists, including bolshushchy office «Bank оЧайна» (пн. – пт.; 08. 30-17. 00), post office (ежедн.; 08. 00-18. 00) with trunk-call пт and an Internet bar on the top floor, and hospital with speaking English doctors (at an intersection about Tunchanla, Tongchang Lu). Rounds to China on ankhoysky sights and reference information are offered city visitors by employees of CYTS located on the tenth floor of hotel "Holidey Inn" kind and knowing zabugorny languages. In a bookshop of "Sinjkhua" (Xinhua Bookstore) you are waited by a good choice of books in English, including translated Chinese novels (section on the second floor). The big range is presented and in Shop of the zabugorny book (Foreign Language Bookshop) on Huaykhela (Huai Not to Ln). The office of PSB is on Shouchunla (Shouchun Lu), in several quarters to the North from Chantszyanla.
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