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Food in Egypt. Food and drinks of Cairo

Food in Egypt. Food and drinks of Cairo

Culinary delicacy in Cairo since 1970 became very different – here it is possible to find everything: from сукияки to a kentukkiysky fried chicken. Only do not think that in state cuisine of Egypt there is only a jacket and кебаб! Here prepare dishes on though what taste, it is necessary to know only where them to find. You can spend time quite lovely in cafe of Egypt where to you will offer a row ordinary, but very tasty dishes, or can go to magnificent hotel where often arrange extravagant «weeks of dishes». Foreigners usually happen are pleasantly surprised with the food price in Egypt in Cairo, and, fortunately, very few locals know about it. Actually all coffee houses, restaurants, cafe and bars in the central part of the city are marked on the card. Objects on Zamalika and on the west bank are shown on the card in appropriate section. Alcohol drinks too are presented in quite wide range and are rather available, though with some restrictions. Week in Egypt will fly by imperceptibly and pleasantly.

For inhabitants of the capital we offer rounds to Egypt from Moscow.

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