Everyday LIFE AND HOUSEHOLD CHORES. Life in the village for young men and ladies of Turkey

Everyday LIFE AND HOUSEHOLD CHORES. Life in the village for young men and ladies of Turkey

Rural men of Turkey

Life in the Turkish village is difficult and poor. Everything govern men of Turkey, but the huge part of tyazhelenny housework and in the field is done by ladies. Here is it is acceptable feudal affairs: villages and the whole areas land owners operate, and many farms belong to one rich owner who employs to itself workers. In respect of agriculture Turkey is absolutely self-sufficient: it provides with the food not only, well and the adjoining countries. Cheap trips to Turkey allow to get acquainted with way of life of this country to many Russians. In spite of the fact that rural areas are still very poor, and technologies are poorly developed, the country possesses quite good potential of the agricultural development which realisation inept management and fear to disturb powerful rural elite stirs.

Do not photograph ladies in Turkey

Rural families are, usually, having many children. Education here is not value, in particular for girls. Youth, having reached majority, often gets over to the city. Finally the rural population of Turkey is more conservative and inclined to prejudices. Usually they are friendly to strangers if those do not break their customs. Here do not love, when someone photographs ladies in Turkey. It is best of all to come to the village in the early evening when field works are already ended. Because at night transport in Turkey goes from time to time, maybe, you should spend the night in the village – the owner of the house in Turkey will persuade for certain you to be late longer. You can stay on a visit so much, how many want, the good owner never will ask: «You to us for a long time?»

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