Neil Asyyuts plain and vicinities: rich people of Egypt. Military traditions of Asyut and political acts in Egypt | World travel, tourism and geography 

Neil Asyyuts plain and vicinities: rich people of Egypt. Military traditions of Asyut and political acts in Egypt

Neil Asyyuts plain and vicinities: rich people of Egypt. Military traditions of Asyut and political acts in Egypt

Rich people of Egypt: sheikh Omar Abd el-Rahman
After the 1970th years the Asyut institute has agreed with the conclusion, put forward by Islamic association (Gama’at Islamiya), that Egypt should become the head of the Islamic republic. They define music and forbid to open educational institutions for both floors, it is forbidden to visit also cafeterias and night clubs of Egypt because it is considered that the youth is engaged there in sex, and punish not only students, well and managers.
The situation has exchanged, when after 1981 president Sadat has dethroned supporters of severe religious extremism and has spent years for reconciling them with the Left-wing party. In reply to it, participants of Al-Dzhikhad group have foully killed Sadat in Cairo and attacked a police staff of Asyut in a day, that having drowned hope of revolution. Three days lasted mass riots, finally which 55 people, including rich people of Egypt were lost. In news declared that it were «fighting tests Jihad 302», and at the end of operation have accused the university theologian of Sheikh Omar Abd el-Rahman that «he was their spiritual instructor». The sheikh has been justifiable, but is banished in Fayum; some a time later he ran to the United States where in 1995 it is sentenced to a life imprisonment for the company of the political plot which has struck strong blow to the Center of world trade. At that time the most part of his followers has united in "Al-Qaeda" which the late has undermined two twin towers on September 11; the general outlook meets that Abd el-Rahman was the instigator of this act of terrorism. In 2001 his descendant Ahmed is detained by the American armies in Afghanistan during firefight with Talibs.
Military and political acts in Egypt
In 1997 slaughter in Luxor has been also attributed to the sheikh and ill fame of Asyut; it is clear that into structure of group entered six students of Asyut institute, late it has become clear that terrorists longed to grasp many hostages to demand from the authorities of release of Abd el-Rahman from under protection. Political acts in Egypt only have aggravated a situation: mutiny and economic decline in the 1990th years have caused mass riots in the city. Local acts of terrorism under control of Izzat Hanafi have been carried out in 10 kilometres from Asyut, towards a riverhead, in the village El-Nekheyla where it has organised creation of drugs, sale of the underground tool and old ornaments. In March, 2004 of 6000 policemen and 200 military vehicles have surrounded the village in what Hanafi hid. Terrorists have shown armed resistance; they also used fighting poison gas, creation in which Egypt has been adjusted. After a six-day siege, during which Hanafi has killed 160 hostages (the most part from which were his associates) and has shot those who longed to be given, having broken defence, the authorities have grasped the criminal and have found half-tons банго (a type of hemp) and 50 kgs of opium. Locals say that in the course of operation 70 terrorists among whom there were also those who knew about the weapon have been killed. After operation the government has built school and hospital in El-Nekheyle to soften indignation and grief of inhabitants of the village and has established here the long, strengthened supervision of militia. Fortunately, at present in the country it is weakened, you can be convinced of it, having chosen rounds to Egypt in September.

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