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Czech Republic. Main data.

Czech Republic. Main data.

«Velvet revolution».

Czechoslovak «velvet revolution» 1989, surely, was most positive of anti-communistic revolts in Eastern Europe as Czechs and Slovaks could dethrone the communistic mode lasting 41 year, without armed conflicts. But euphoria of the first months of revolution and spirit of a unification were gone quicker, than it was possible to consider. Has passed only three years, and the country has broken up to two separate countries: Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Czech capital of Prague.

The Czech Republic, one of more urbanised and liberal Slavic countries, has achieved big furores and in 2004 has entered into EU though rise in crime and rise in prices remain actual неуввязками. The Czech capital of Prague, at a trip to round across the Czech Republic, practically not the victim in wars of the XX century, by right is considered the most popular place of Europe. This surprisingly beautiful city with rich construction heritage serves as the meeting place for youth since all ends of Europe. Hilly Bohemia abounds with the woods both perfectly remained medieval cities and locks, in particular in the south, around to Cheske-Budeyovitsa.

Resorts of the Czech Republic.

In the west of the Czech Republic there are resorts with mineral sources Karlovy Vary and to Marianske-Lazn. In the east of the country Moravia where it is even less tourists is located. The most interesting city of Moravia – Olomouc, and the regional capital of Brno is near the fine karstic area.

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