Dunbey Dandun: we choose means of transport for travel | World travel, tourism and geography 

Dunbey Dandun: we choose means of transport for travel

Dunbey Dandun: we choose means of transport for travel

Between Dandun and other cities of Northeast China the bad message is adjusted not; trains arrive and go from the city of times a day. Tickets can be got without effort directly at the station or to reserve through CITS (0415/2135854), before Guolu hotel. Planes from Dandunya fly in Sanya, Shanghai and Shenchzhen; to reserve air tickets to China it is possible also through CITS or having called in airport cash desk (0415/2123427). To reach the natural reserve Chanbayshan it is possible by the bus going in Tunkhua at 06:30 or 08:45 (8-10 h.; the ticket costs $50); the ticket is advised to get in a day in cash desk on road service station. "Volkswagens Santanas" following in Shenyan, bring together passengers at the western facade of a station lobby ($50) and reach quicker, than a train.
CITS will organise the ten-day rounds providing visit of Sinyydzhu, Pyongyang and Kudzhan in Northern Korea; but keep in mind that in any way the cheapest rounds to China, and the western tourists include in groups reluctantly. If you have aimed to visit Northern Korea, it is better to get round in the agency of "Korio Toure" headed by Englishman Nikom Bonnaire based in Beijing. In the same place to you will advise, in what hotels of China it is more expedient to become populated. At the moment of book writing to citizens of the USA of the visa to North Korea stood out.
The Korean company possesses the ferry "Oriyental Pearl" plying between Dandun and Seoul; – and two-day cruises on water activities of transport in China it is possible to get tickets for one through «Dandun Ferree Company» (Dandong Ferry Company) (0415/2100228). A vessel sail away on Thursdays and Sundays at 15:00. By a taxi you will reach the ferry terminal ($40) for half an hour.

My forefathers constantly receive rest in China from Moscow. Probably, in it something is, I will buy and I am round on a portal!

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