Dunbey Dandun – business trips to China are very recommended!

Dunbey Dandun - business trips to China are very recommended!

Having arrived on dandunsky жд the station or station of buses of the distant following, located slightly to the north, tourists in China appear in the city centre – on the sparkling area laid out by marble with Mao Tszedun’s statue, near to cheap hotels and approximately in 1 km to the North from the Yalu Jiang River. In Dandun there is also a small airport, in 14 km from the city, and in 38 km from Dandun there is a ferry terminal where vessels from South Korea moor. Trips on the city by a taxi in China will cost to you at least $5, but it is the most successful way of movement on the city.
Business trips to China very much комфортабельны. The most part of establishments of interest for foreigners, including local office «Bank оф Chayna», mail and public telephone booth (once a day with 08:00 till 17:30 works), are on Qi Jing Jie, the main street running from the station on the East, turning with twilight in the brisk night market. Bank and post offices are available and on Kultury Square. A trip to China very much with comfort in respect of currency converting: to change cash American and Hong Kong dollars and Japanese yens it is possible also in Yalu River hotel.

We with friends have tried rest in China from Ussuriisk. On this portal to us have picked up permits, optimum on the prices and durations of round!

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