Dikili and Chandarla. Tourist buses in Turkey carry tourists at excursion to all cities of Turkey | World travel, tourism and geography 

Dikili and Chandarla. Tourist buses in Turkey carry tourists at excursion to all cities of Turkey

Dikili and Chandarla. Tourist buses in Turkey carry tourists at excursion to all cities of Turkey

Resorts of Turkey
Dikili. ДИКИЛИ (DIKILI) — is the resort small town with population of 10 000 people, crescent sandy beaches and the embankment with restaurants and cafe, in what it is interesting only in the autumn, when peasants of blizkoraspolozhenny villages will take collecting cotton to the city to embody it to wholesale buyers. From time to time cruising liners come into dock of local harbour, giving to the passengers coming on rest in Turkey, possibility to go on short excursions in Ayvalyk and Bergama and to sunbathe and bathe on beaches to the North from the city. Dikili is in 30 km to the West from Bergama and in 4 km from the main high-speed route Chanakkale-Izmir. Here often go долмуш and long-distance buses, for example, from Bergama they make at least 6 flights in day. The road which goes on the coast to the North from Dikili, going to Ayvalyk, passes by a number of not equipped resorts. The best wild sand beaches of Turkey last on 15 km to the North from Dikili to Altynova, but there it is possible to reach only on an individual transport or by a taxi in Turkey.
Chandarla’s fishing port. In driving half an hour to the South from Dikili there is a small fishing port CHANDARLY (QANDARLI). It costs on the peninsula where the most northern Hellenic city of Pitan from which, however, remained nothing once settled down. Despite Chandarla’s solid age, his oldest building is remarkably restored, occupying part of the old city the Genoa fortress of the XIV century in which you cannot enter into round time to Turkey as it is closed for visits. It is one of number of those fortresses on the northwest coast of Turkey with the Greek peninsula opposite which reminds of times when in the north of the Aegean Sea genoeses ruled.
In the city of Chandarla the unlimited number of the tourists coming to Turkey has a rest
Huge part of year (it is natural, without considering summer) on Chandarla’s sand beaches it is possible to disappear on pair of days from a chaos huge occupied пт. It is very spotless and remarkably well-groomed small town of Turkey with the benevolent atmosphere which is absent in some huger resorts. His life is concentrated in the east of the peninsula round a bus stop. There is a live market square (a market day — Friday), surrounded with old Greek houses, pubs and ordinary cafes where cook soups and pita. There is mail and bank with the ATM. From Dikili buses in Turkey go here with intervals at one o’clock, and in the summer with the same frequency there are buses from Izmir (during a small season — even more rare). The most available local hotel GUI Pansiyon (F0232/673-3347) with simply arranged rooms and the general bathroom is in 10 minutes of walking from a beach where it is necessary to go by a fortress. To Senger (0232/673-3117) with the restaurant with the same name below on the embankment behind a fortress from year to year there come the same tourists in Turkey, generally Germans who like it with comfort arranged numbers (some with кондюками and views of the sea) and a buffet for a breakfast. Right there on the embankment there is stable Samyeli (0232/673-3428, 673-3461), too with numbers with bathrooms and — times — with кондюками that is necessary during summer holiday in Turkey. The cheapest cafes, restaurants and Chandarla’s bars — they the most inimitable — settle down on the embankment. From them costs тормознуть on Kalender Restaurant. Pitaneon — is a ringing bar on a beach, a favourite place of Turkish youth which comes here for the weekend.

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