Shanghai. A taxi in China – a profitable vehicle

Shanghai. A taxi in China - a profitable vehicle

The most romantic transport of China

Planning travel to Shanghai, it is necessary to calculate correctly how to reach China – train or plane. The passengers arriving to Shanghai by plane, arrive or to Pudun located in 40 km to the East from the city along the mouth of the river of Yangzi’s the new international airport, or in Huntsyao’s old airport, in 15 km to the East from the city. Vobshchem, the price of a trip to China does not depend in any way on a site of the airport of arrival. Pudun is served by the most part of the international flights whereas Huntsyao provides internal air traffic.
The most romantic transport of China delivering passengers from the airport of Pudun in the city, – the commercial train unique in the world маглев (магнитоплан) (ежедн.; 08. 30-17. 30; departure each 20 minutes) plying on the pendant road and actuated by magnetic forces. It reaches to Longyang Lu metro station in 8 minutes, gathering the 1st 4 minutes speed to 430 km/h. and later beginning sharp braking but because the friction is absent, change of speed at all is not felt by passengers. But the types opening from windows of a train at bigger speed (in each cabin there is a digital speedometer), incorporate in the spots reminding impressionistic dabs. This child of Siemens has served as experience for an embodiment in life of even more printsipny project – strips маглев between Beijing and Shanghai. At present, perhaps, it is the most popular route of China which was tested on themselves by thousands местныхх inhabitants and tourists. One way tickets stand Y50, at ticket existence aboard the plane – CNY 40. Let you does not confuse that the terminal маглев is 5 minutes. walkings from the airport also that the Longyang Lu metro station is located far from the city centre – never possibility so quickly to be passed on the ground any more will not be presented to you.

What it is more favourable? public transport of China or taxi?

Taxi cost in China from Pudun’s airport to the Gang – Y80, to Nanjing Xi Lu – approximately CNY 100. Airport buses land passengers at SAAS office on Yan’an Xi Lu (CNY 15; about 1 h. 30 minutes) opposite to the Exhibition centre. Nearby tourists are ready нринять very comfortable five-stars hotels of China, but to the Gang from here – 3 km. The trip by a taxi from Huntsyao’s airport to Nanjing Xi Lu will cost about CNY 45, and to the Gang – about CNY 60. From Huntsyao to SAAS office airport buses (CNY 5) also go. From a stop on a parking directly before a building of the airport of Huntsyao to Shanghai жд the station the regular bus No. 328 (CNY 2) goes. The next airport high-speed public transport of China plies from Huntsyao to a stop opposite to a museum of Shanghai on Zhenmin Square (CNY 3). Expresses from a bus stop behind Huntsyao’s located through the road from the head cargo terminal of the airport the international terminal go. It is better to specify where to go, at passersby – without the extraneous help a stop will find heavy. Though what of buses from Huntsyao about an hour goes to the city – is dependent on intensity of movement.

About what documents are necessary, that the trip to China from Khabarovsk has passed without customs troubles, read on pages of our site.

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